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Higher Education Digital Platforms

Propel your students from memorization to concept mastery!
This proven learning system empowers students to accelerate their progress.
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4LTR Press

Plug into the latest study tools—tested by students and loved by faculty. Teach with tech and save both time and money.

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Create courses and assignments that connect concepts to real life. Your students will be better prepared in and out of class.

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Make learning all about mastering material rather than just getting the right answers with these engaging learning and assessment tools.

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WebAssign From Cengage

Simplify your workday! WebAssign offers an easy way to deploy assignments and assess class performance.

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iLrn Language Learning Center

Give your students the digital tools they need to speak and understand a new language. iLrn puts them all in one place.

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Ensure your chemistry students learn the material instead of just memorizing it. This program paves the way.

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Give students a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other vital computer skills.

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Equip students to study and write papers with confidence using this trusted research source.

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Pathbrite From Cengage

Capture and share evidence of your students' best projects by helping them create interactive portfolios.

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Learning Objects From Cengage

Deliver badge, certificate or degree programs tied to measurable learning
objectives—and build a foundation for continual improvement.

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Cengage Services

Training Resources

Cengage puts training tools, resources, and a network of educators at your fingertips.

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Faculty Community

Visit this collaborative space to stay up-to-date on trends, swap resources, and find advice.

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Learning Management System Integration

Link your class to activities and assignments so you can manage your course and grading with ease.

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Cengage Companies

Gale A Cengage Company

Gale, a global leader in education and research resources, applies the highest standards to its content. Gale offers interactive learning materials that libraries, colleges, universities, schools, and businesses are proud to share.

National Geographic Learning, Cengage 

National Geographic Learning shares real stories from National Geographic, increasing students’ knowledge of the world and everything in it. This name is renowned, not only for stunning visuals, but for bringing excitement to learning.