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Mathematics redesign

Redesign in Real Time

Redesigning to corequisite courses or another curriculum model? It can be easier than you think! Visit our dedicated Mathematics Redesign page to explore the research, hear first-hand accounts from peers and read more about Cengage redesign solutions.

Explore Developmental Math Outcomes

Success Story

Expand Engagement

Solomon Willis sought a better Mathematics solution to capture his students’ attention. WebAssign engaged students with instant feedback and interactive tutorial resources.

Success Story

Power Progress

Glendale CC looked to streamline the learning process in their self-paced program with technology. The flexibility of WebAssign enabled them to communicate effectively while personalizing their students' learning experience.

Success Story

Assure Access

Student Jessica Fonseca successfully balanced a full-time job with full-time course work. WebAssign empowered her to access course content and help resources anytime she needed them so she could be successful in her math bootcamp.

Resources & Support

Training Resources

Get up and running with user guides, training videos, peer-led webinars and more!



Digital Success

We’re here for your digital journey—from personalized course setup to 24/7 support.


Stay Engaged with Virtual Events for Developmental Mathematics

Anytime 24/7

Virtual Office Hours

Listen to helpful Cengage Virtual Office Hours and discover how to further improve results in math for all students.





Virtual Event

Higher Ed Faculty Community

Add your voice to the Developmental Math Conversation at our Faculty Community. 

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Meet a Few of Our Developmental Math Faculty Partners

Our educators advance teaching and learning by answering questions and sharing ideas.

Katie Culler, Surry Community College

Katie Culler has taught everything from developmental mathematics up to precalculus algebra and precalculus trigonometry.  She currently serves as the liaison for the faculty teaching developmental mathematics. She is also a faculty sponsor for the Math Club on campus, which participates in different local events promoting critical thinking skills, logic, and, of course, mathematics.


Yvette Hassakoursian, Glendale Community College

Yvette Hassakoursian is an Associate Professor and Director of the Self-Paced Math Program at Glendale Community College in Southern California. She leverages the flexibility of WebAssign to empower students in Developmental Math as they learn and work at their own pace.


Dr. Dale Dawes, CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College

Dr. Dale Dawes is a former Developmental Math coordinator and Assistant Professor at CUNY - BMCC, where he uses WebAssign to create an atmosphere where students are constantly engaged, study groups form naturally and students are able to receive one-on-one help as needed.


Looking for more Developmental Math Faculty Partners?

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