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5 Strategies to Maximize Chemistry Course Delivery Online or Off

Explore strategies to maximize your Chemistry course delivery—no matter what course format.

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MindTap General Chemistry

Backed by research and preferred by students, MindTap General Chemistry is a new approach to digital learning. MindTap is an interactive “textbook” that uses OWLv2 content and assignable narrative to engage students in concepts like never before.

Educator Guides

Get the most out of MindTap with content suggestions, course customization tips and more.

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Earning Acclaim

There’s a lot of reasons students are responding so favorably to the OWLv2 learning experience.

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Empowering Learners

Interactive features within OWLv2 are helping increase student course retention, engagement and exam scores.

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Crushing the Competition

Curious how MindTap General Chemistry stacks up next to MasteringChemistry? Explore the research.

Free Mobile Tools

Increase engagement with instant in-class polling, take attendance with a tap and give students a full course ebook with 24/7 study tools. With the CENGAGE MOBILE APP, it’s in your hands. LEARN MORE ›

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Cengage Unlimited — MindTap, WebAssign, OpenNow, SAM, CNOWv2, OWLv2

Why pay by the book or course when students can have it all for just $119.99 per term? All-access to our entire library of online textbooks, study tools and all our digital learning platforms. Now available to all students in campus bookstores and online.

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Get Students Ready for Lab

Find out how LabSkills is leveraging demonstration activities, hands-on practice and automatically graded quizzes to prepare students for lab and promote their success in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Resources & Support

Training Resources

Get up and running with user guides, training videos, peer-led webinars and more!


Digital Success

We’re here for your digital journey—from personalized course setup to 24/7 support.

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Getting Started with OWLv2

This webinar will focus on getting your course set up, student registration and the basic features of OWLv2 that will get your students engaged and mastering course content from day one!



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Recorded Webinar

Anytime 24/7

MindTap General Chemistry Virtual Office Hours

Professor Bill Vining, co-author of MindTap General Chemistry, demonstrates the content and functionality of MindTap in this recorded webinar.





Recorded Webinar

Meet a Few of Our Chemistry Faculty Partners

Our educators advance teaching and learning by answering questions and sharing ideas.

Vickie Williamson

Vickie Williamson, Texas A&M University

An overwhelming number of students tell me each semester that OWL and MindTap General Chemistry help them learn!

Greg Gellene

Greg Gellene, Texas Tech University

The positioning of focused interactive simulations and tutorials between relatively short segments of text draws the student into reading the text before attempting the assignments rather than using the text as a last resort.

Theresa Carlson

Theresa Carlson, San Diego State University

OWLv2 has allowed me to assess my students early and has raised the percentage of students passing with a C or higher.

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