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Explore Nutrition Outcomes

Case Study

Better Grades and Increased Confidence

Course attendance was an issue for Terry Weideman—until MindTap. Read how she learned to use class time more wisely and boost student retention.

Success Story

Gain Independence with MindTap

Being legally blind presents its own challenges, especially for students. Learn how Nicole Kada overcame those struggles and succeeded with MindTap.

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Meet a Few of Our Nutrition Faculty Partners

Our educators advance teaching and learning by answering questions and sharing ideas.

Terry Weideman

Terry Weideman, Oakland Community College

Terry has been teaching Nutrition at Oakland Community College (OCC) for 13 years, both face to face and online and is also involved in the Supplemental Instruction program. She received her Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Michigan University and teaches nutrition at their global campuses and online. She also teaches nutrition at the International Art Institute of Michigan.


Tracy Daly

Tracy Daly, California State University—San Marcos

I am an Adjunct Professor in the Kinesiology Department at California State University San Marcos, the Nutrition Department at Miramar College and the Nursing Program at Azusa Pacific University in San Diego. I teach general and specialized nutrition courses in a variety of disciplines and have taught extensively in face-to-face and online environments at major universities and community colleges since 2006. I have a Masters degree in Nutrition Education.


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