Add Cengage content into your LMS

Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel when it comes to course delivery.

With Cengage platforms, you can streamline your instruction with easy course integration into the learning management system (LMS) you already know.

Streamline your course

We simplified access to a variety of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)-compliant learning management systems, including Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Moodle and more, to help you keep everything you need in one spot.

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Seamless user experience

With LMS integration, you and your students can have all your eBooks, activities, study tools and analytics ready on day one, using your existing campus LMS login.

Deep linking customization

With deep linking, you’re in the driver’s seat. Use the Content Selector to create a unique learning path that blends your personal content with links to existing eBooks, learning activities and assignments.

Automatic grade synching

Need your course grades recorded in your LMS gradebook? No problem. Just select the activities you want synched, and they’ll be automatically added.

Supported LMS platforms

LMS integration is available with the learning management systems instructors use most. Our integrations work with any LMS that supports IMS Basic LTI Standards. This basic integration lets you and your students connect your LMS to Cengage platforms for streamlined access to platform resources.

Other enhanced features, such as grade sync, are available because Cengage has worked with a partner LMS to develop additional features that go beyond the basic specifications.

Does my Cengage platform work with my LMS?

Learn more about the Cengage platform you’re exploring, and if it supports your current LMS.

Choose a Cengage Platform to Explore

Got questions?

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Real faculty, real results

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Training resources

Get your course up and running with LMS integration user guides, training videos and peer-led webinars.

Award-winning support

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Faculty Partners Network

Connect with a network of fellow instructors for peer advice about teaching, learning tools and techniques.

LMS administrator support

When you’re ready to set up your LMS integration, our Cengage team will work with you and your institution’s LMS Administrator to guarantee your LMS is fully configured to work with Cengage content.

Cengage also offers resources and support for your instructional designers and faculty support personnel, so everyone on campus gets the most out of your solution.

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