Office Savvy Through Simulation

SAM, an engaging and interactive online learning environment, transforms students into Microsoft Office and computer concept masters. Students observe, practice, then actively apply their new skills live in the application. The best part is, it’s working! In a survey of students using the platform, 73% felt SAM better prepared them for interacting in the Microsoft Office environment. And the benefits don’t just stop at students. Instructors save time and energy with auto-graded assignments and flexible reporting tools.

SAM Forges Office-Ready Students

See firsthand how SAM is successfully promoting student software mastery across the country.

Real-World Practice. Unmatched Convenience.

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Prepare Students for the Real World

Real-world experience enables students to understand how software works. Simulations in SAM accommodate multiple learning styles, so students learn Microsoft Office and computer concepts inside and out. To inform mastery, students complete live projects, then submit in SAM for automatic feedback.

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Track and Report Student Progress

Learn what’s broken, so you can fix it! SAM tracking and reporting pinpoints areas needing extra attention, so you can get the full progress picture. In addition to gradebook insights, SAM reporting options analyze performance at the student or section level, while exam playback highlights precisely where students went wrong.

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Streamline Class Creation

Courseware can energize your classroom when it’s implemented effectively. The easy-to-use SAM interface gets you and your students up and running fast. Customized assignments that map to each book’s specific learning objectives streamline course set-up, while the ability to copy sections from one term to the next, and roll out master courses to other instructors saves valuable teaching time.

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Power Learning on the Move with the Cengage Mobile App

With a full, interactive ebook, readable online or off, study tools that empower anytime, anywhere learning and 24/7 course access, the Cengage Mobile App keeps students focused and ready to study whenever it’s convenient for them. 

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Download the Cengage Mobile App:

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Did You Know SAM is Included with Cengage Unlimited?

What’s Cengage Unlimited? It’s a subscription to all Cengage products—including SAM. Students pay a flat rate for everything Cengage has to offer; this means, they get SAM, along with any other course materials they need (that’s access to over 22K products!) for $119.99 a semester.

SAM Release December 2018

All Platforms

  • New Office 365/2019 content version

  • Initial preview of Office 365/2019 SAM Tasks and SAM Projects

  • New Office 365/2016 and Office 365/2019 Content Player for Exam and Training Assignments

  • Improved Project Submission Workflow

  • Instructor Dashboard User Interface Updates

  • A new Guide in Office 365/2019 Tasks detailing the available methods is available from any Training mode

  • Students can unenroll themselves from a section if they have not taken a SAM Assignment

  • Reading available at the chapter level for students (SAM and SAM LMS Integrated only)

SAM App in MindTap

  • Instructors now have an unlimited number of attempts when launching assignments from the Learning Path Navigator in MindTap for instructors

  • Filter now available on Exam and Training list pages to show only the content scheduled in open MindTap

SAM LMS Integrated

  • SAM is available in the Cengage Mobile app

  • My Account added to allow students to add their Communication Email and other details that the instructor may need for reporting

For more information on the content in the new SAM release, log in to the SAM homepage and explore resources on SAM Projects and Task Information and the keyboarding in SAM. You can also contact your Cengage Learning Consultant.

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Students and instructors improved outcomes and workflows on MOS Exams using SAM.

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Baruch College students and faculty agree SAM advanced learning—and saved resources.

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User Testimonials

“I don’t know how you could effectively teach an online course in Office applications if you didn’t use SAM.”

“Compared to other companies’ products, SAM is easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to maintain. It’s also easy to set up and administrate because I’m the administrator. And, of course, it makes learning Microsoft Office easier too.​”

“SAM has actually helped me more in class because it lets us do an unlimited amount of training. If we do need help with something, we can just log onto SAM and do it.​”

  • Teresa McCarver, Helpdesk Manager
    University of Mississippi
  • Andrew Blitz, M.A.
    Professor of Computer Science

    Edison State College
  • Student
    Westchester Community College

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