OWLv2 Makes Chemistry Concepts Clear and Accessible

Move students beyond memorization of Chemistry concepts to a higher level of thinking with OWLv2. This powerful platform empowers students to learn Chemistry through richly dynamic problems, detailed feedback and interactive learning modules. With OWLv2, students practice at their own pace, receive meaningful feedback and access learning resources to help them achieve better grades.

OWLv2 Supports Every Stage of Learning

Enhancements Built for Student Success

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Instructors agree—OWLv2 gives students a meaningful homework experience.

LabSkills PreLabs for General and Organic Chemistry

Easy to assign. Automatically graded.

Are Your Students Ready for Lab?

Prepare students with interactive, online pre-lab assignments, including videos, interactive modules, quizzes and safety training.

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LabSkills Features

Step-by-Step Videos

Prepare students with lab safety best practices and instrumentation and technique demonstrations.


Empower your students with visualizations and technique simulations that set the foundations for their lab course.


Test students' mastery with assignable, auto-graded assessments and quizzes.

Titles Available

Chemistry in Focus: A Molecular View of Our World, 7th Edition, Nivaldo J. Tro

CHEM2: Chemistry in Your World, 2nd Edition, John L. Hogg

Introductory Chemistry, 6th Edition, Mark S. Cracolice

Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 9th Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. Decoste

Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry, 11th Edition, Frederick A. Bettelheim

General, Organic & Biological Chemistry, 7th Edition, H. Stephen Stoker

General, Organic, and Biochemistry, 2nd Edition, James Armstrong

Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry, 9th Edition, Spencer L. Segar

Chemistry, 10th Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

General Chemistry, 11th Edition, Darrell D. Ebbing

Chemical Principles, 8th Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach, 2nd Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl

Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, 8th Edition, William L. Masterton, Cecile N. Hurley

Principles of Modern Chemistry, 8th Edition, David W. Oxtoby

Chemistry Principles in the Laboratory, 11th Edition, Emil Slowinski

Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, 10th Edition, John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel, John Townsend, David Treichel

Chemistry: The Molecular Science, 5th Edition, John W. Moore, Conrad L. Stanitski

Chemistry for Engineering Students, 4th Edition, Lawrence S. Brown, Tom Holme

Chemistry: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition, Daniel L. Reger, Scott R. Goode, David W. Ball

Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition, William H. Brown, Brent L. Iverson, Eric Anslyn, Christopher S. Foote

Organic Chemistry, 9th Edition, John E. McMurry

Organic Chemistry: With Biological Applications, 3rd Edition, John E. McMurry

Marcroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments, 7th Edition, Kenneth L. Williamson, Katherine M. Masters

Experimental Organic Chemistry: A Miniscale & Microscale Approach, 6th Edition, John C. Gilbert, Stephen F. Martin

A Small Scale Approach to Organic Laboratory Techniques, 4th Edition, Donald L. Pavia, George S. Kriz, Gary M. Lampman, Randall G. Engel

Biochemistry, 6th Edition, Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham

Biochemistry, 9th Edition, Mary K. Campbell, Shawn O. Farrell

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, 9th Edition, Douglas A. Skoog, Donald M. West, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch

OWLv2 Improves Chemistry Student Outcomes

Using Science to Learn Science

Dr. Barbara Oakley discusses the cognitive theory behind OWLv2, a powerful online learning system for Chemistry with a unique Mastery Learning approach.

Case Study

After adopting the digital resources in OWLv2, student engagement and class preparedness increased among Organic Chemistry students.

Success Story

OWLv2 enables study anytime, anywhere, which can empower superior achievement in even the busiest students.


Students are raving about the features of OWLv2. Find out what the favorites were.


"With OWLv2, students are able to learn the process rather than memorize answers to questions."

"OWLv2 has improved student learning in my classroom immensely. What I've seen is that the use of OWL dramatically improves a person's score."

"OWLv2 was a challenge and it made me really think and try to learn the material."

  • Steven Neal
    University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • Houston Brown
    Lecturer of Chemistry
    University of Houston Downtown
  • Natalie
    Ohio State University

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