Report Piracy

What Is Piracy?

Piracy (otherwise known as copyright infringement) is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce and distribute a work to the public by sale, rental or other means of transfer and to make related, derivative works.

Why Should I Report Piracy?

Piracy deprives authors and those involved in the publication of copyrighted material from being fairly compensated for their efforts. Additionally, piracy contributes to higher productions costs which ultimately results in higher textbook prices.

How Can I Report Suspected Piracy?

You can report suspected piracy of Cengage Learning material by using the form below. We investigate every report of Piracy and our ability to follow up on leads depends greatly on the quality and completeness of the information provided.

Providing your identifying information is optional although we encourage you to offer some means by which we may contact you should we have follow-up questions. Cengage Learning will take reasonable steps to keep your identity strictly confidential when investigating reports of Piracy and we will not use your information for any purposes other than to follow up on its investigations.

Type of Infringement (required):

Additionally, you may call 800-877-4253 ext. 8027 or e-mail to report any instances of suspected piracy