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SAM: Premier training for Microsoft Office

SAM, an interactive online learning environment, helps students master Microsoft Office and computer concepts essential to academic and career success. Students observe, practice, and train, then apply their skills live in the application. SAM’s auto-graded assignments and flexible reporting tools save you time and energy.

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Elevate Thinking

SAM prepares students for the real world

SAM’s simulated environment accommodates multiple learning styles to help students learn computer concepts and Microsoft Office. After mastering these skill sets, students complete a project live in the application and submit it in SAM for automatic feedback on the actual work they completed in the Office application.

Promote Better Outcomes

SAM tracks and reports detailed student progress

In addition to the gradebook, SAM reporting options analyze performance at the student or section level. An exam playback feature — a video of students’ click path on assessment questions they got incorrect — shows you where they went wrong.

Easily Set Your Course

SAM streamlines the class creation process

SAM’s easy-to-use interface gets instructors and students up and running. Express Assignment Creation delivers a streamlined course set-up through customized assignments that map to the learning objectives of the book in use. You also can copy sections from one term to the next, and roll out a master course to other instructors.

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“I don't know how you could effectively teach an online course in Office applications if you didn’t use SAM.”

Teresa McCarver, IT Helpdesk Manager — The University of Mississippi

“I feel I'm doing a better job teaching because of SAM. It's easier for me to do my job. I can connect better with the technology, and with the students using the technology. It makes things easier and more efficient.”

Randy Meissner, Computer Science Lecturer, Computer Science — Bismarck State College

“Compared to other companies' products, SAM is easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to maintain. It's also easy to set up and administrate because I'm the administrator. And, of course, it makes learning Microsoft Office easier, too.”

Andrew Blitz, M.A., Professor of Computer Science — Edison State College

“[SAM] told me all of the mistakes I made, and when I saw the mistakes, it allowed me to use critical thinking of what I could do to make that problem 100% correct.”

Student, Hutchinson Community College

“SAM has actually helped me more in class because it lets us do an unlimited amount of training. If we do need help with something, we can just log onto SAM and do it.”

Student, Westchester Community College


White Papers

Nationwide studies reveal improved outcomes and workflows for students and instructors using SAM.

Case Studies

Students and faculty at Baruch College agree that SAM advanced learning and saved resources.

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Instructor Support

Digital Course Support

A dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics, and regular check-ins.

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Training Resources

Find user guides, brief how-to videos, and additional training resources.

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Faculty Partners Network

Exchange success strategies, best practices, and implementation experiences with faculty across the country using SAM.

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Technical Support

Your adoption of SAM includes technical support for you and your students.

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LMS Integration

Desire to Learn

Cengage Learning provides Learning Management System integration with grade return for Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Canvas and Moodle.

Easily connect SAM to allow student single sign-on, automatic roster management, and grade synchronization between systems. This service facilitates learning retention and contributes to better outcomes. Additional compatibility with other leading systems is currently under development.

For more information, visit our LMS Integration website or contact your Learning Consultant.

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