Premier Training for Microsoft Office with SAM

An engaging and interactive online learning environment, SAM transforms students into Microsoft Office and computer concept masters.
Explore the features below to see what SAM can do for your students’ skillsets.


Prepare Students for the Real World

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Training Toward Mastery

Watch and learn, kids! Training Assignments in SAM support and engage students as they build skills. These visual and interactive walk-throughs empower students to observe, practice and apply skills in simulated environments. Once they receive instructions for completing the skill, students:

  • Observe the skill with voiceover and on-screen callouts 
  • Walk through a guided practice where they control the keyboard and mouse 
  • Apply their skill unaided in a simulated Microsoft Office and computing environment 
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Leveraging What’s Learned

We empower students to show what they know. Exams featured in SAM provide instructions for the skill and allow students to leverage what they learned during training to perform the higher-stakes assessment. Number of attempts, time limit, explorability options, assignment contents and more are all in your control. 

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Projects with Purpose

You know what they say—practice makes perfect. The projects within SAM provide your students with the hands-on practice they need to first build skills—then effectively apply those skills in real-world settings. These realistic projects are completed live in the Office application and help prepare students for the types of skills their courses and future careers will demand.

Track and Report Student Progress

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Reports that Go Way Beyond Grades

What’s your I.D. I.Q.? Flexible SAM Reports help you easily identify at-risk students and areas of weakness, while informing class time and remediation needs. Accessing skill-level reports across sections, graded projects, integrated cheat detection, student click-paths for exams and more, is a snap!

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A View into Student Engagement

Action requires insight. With SAM, you can easily track how often your students are engaging with the assigned material and identify where they need further support and instruction.

Reports can be viewed by:

  • Skills
  • Section
  • Assignment
  • Individual student
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Dynamic Access and Integration

We work well with others. Integrating SAM with the LMSs instructors use most is simple—and convenient weighting and exporting options are available to bring it all together.

Streamline Class Creation

SAM scheduling options

Efficiency-based Scheduling

Now you can do more with less. With SAM, you can create a single assignment and deploy it to as many sections as necessary. SAM assignments also include several scheduling options, including:

  • due date/time
  • password protection
  • student reporting
SAM express assignment scheduling

Assigning Made Simple

Ready, set, assign! Create assignments aligned to a corresponding textbook, or set up your whole course’s assignments in just a few minutes with the express assignment creation workflow. SAM courses offer flexible assignment options such as setting the number of attempts students can take, randomizing questions, determining time limits, choosing the strictness of grading, picking multiple assessment scenarios and much more.

SAM express assignment scheduling

Courses You Can Customize

Mix it up a little. Every SAM task within the database enables you to create mixed applications and customized comprehensive trainings and exams. Tasks cover a range of topics, including Microsoft Office 365/2016, Computer Concepts, Firefox, Edge, OneNote, Outlook, Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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