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Institutions across the nation are adopting the corequisite model to improve student outcomes and increase affordability. Download your free corequisite guidebook and learn about common corequisite trends, implementation models and how WebAssign can help you get the most from your corequisite efforts.

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Why WebAssign for Corequisites?

Get insights from your peers about how to solve for the unique needs of corequisite math and stats courses.

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The WebAssign Experience

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Flexibility at Every Step

  • You determine the learning path based upon student mastery of prerequisite content with conditional release.
  • Customize the learning experience to meet any teaching style and encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Easy course set-up simplifies access to all materials in one place, including ebooks, lecture videos, and assignments for both the credit and developmental coursework.
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The Right Content at the Right Time

  • Time tested, expertly designed content delivered in curated, pre-built course packs mapped to learning objectives across the corequisite course spectrum fuels deeper learning for all learning styles.
  • Downloadable worksheets make it easy for students to get practice on their prerequisite Math skills.
  • Address non-math obstacles to student success with assignable College Success modules from study skills to communication.
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Improved Access through Affordability

  • No more purchasing of multiple coreq course materials - everything is in one place for one low price.
  • Students have multi-term access to the course until they no longer need it, when the same edition is used each term. 
  • Students can subscribe to Cengage Unlimited to get access to all of their Cengage courses and textbooks online for one set price.
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Hands-On Support

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Dedicated Digital Support Specialists set up your corequisite course how you want it.

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Faculty Partners provide peer-to-peer guidance on maximizing WebAssign.

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customer support

Our award-winning Customer Support team ensures you’re confident using WebAssign—for new and returning users.

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Your Partner in Redesign

For more thought leadership, research and info on redesign across the country, visit our Redesign Hub.

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