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Episode 1: The Darker the Sky-The Better the View

Look at the nighttime sky to see our galaxy’s magnificence. In Episode One, Cengage author Mike Seeds discusses both how we can draw conclusions on the planets’ whereabouts and how light pollution affects what we see. He’ll also cover the best tools to use as you and your students observe the night sky—telescopes, binoculars and even apps! Find the right equipment here.

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Episode 2: Influence and Controversy in Astronomy

Historic astronomers play the largest role in influencing our scientific thinking, which is why they’re still relevant today. Episode Two highlights the great influencers—Copernicus and Galileo. Author Mike Seeds shares how the mathematician Copernicus created the first model of the universe with the sun at the center. Mike then discusses how Galileo proved Copernicus’ theory by creating the first telescope—and major controversy.

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Episode 3: Our Existence Is Determined by the Stars

Coming into existence from chemical elements—like stars—is a fascinating occurrence that so few understand. In Episode Three, author Mike Seeds talks about the origins of chemical elements, The Big Bang and how we came from the same elements that created Earth. The episode concludes with a discussion around the planet formation and the possibility of life on other planets. It’s out of this world!

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Episode 4: Is Life on Other Planets Possible?

Life on other planets has been—and continues to be—a topic of great speculation. Episode Four goes deeper into how life on Earth began right as Earth came to be. Author Mike Seeds talks of human evolution and survival based on intelligence—providing context for our theory about life on other planets. Discover how long we’ve been researching extraterrestrial life (ETI), how we’re still early in the research process and when we should expect to discover ETI.

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