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Say hello to 4LTR Press Online! This digital tool was built to meet your students’ needs for supported learning outside of class. With 4LTR Press Online, students come to class prepared and ready for the next lesson, knowing their outside study reinforced foundational principles you already taught. This makes your lessons more effective, without changing how you teach. Are you ready?

Make Studying Easier and More Convenient

Inspire greatness in your students by learning more about how 4LTR Press Online takes the stress out
of learning with its ease and accessibility.

Why Choose 4LTR Press Online?

Empower Students to Study Whenever, Wherever

With StudyBits, flashcards and quizzes on 4LTR Press Online, students have 24/7 access to the best study tools out there. Seventy-seven percent of students surveyed say using technology has improved their grades—and we’re not surprised.

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Tap Experts to Guide You

4LTR Press Online offers a team of experts to guide you every step of the way. From your course set up, to tailoring it to match your specific objectives, you’ll have experienced professionals to support you through the whole term.

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Apply Critical Thinking in the Classroom

With 4LTR Press Online powering student understanding of foundational course concepts, you’ll have more class time to focus on critical thinking skills. This will better prepare your students to apply learned material in the real world.

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With over 30 options, find the one that suits your needs.

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LMS Integration

LMS integration is available with the Learning Management Systems instructors use most. Our integrations work with any LMS that supports IMS Basic LTI Standards. This basic integration enables you and your students to connect your LMS to Cengage platforms for streamlined access to platform resources. Any other enhanced features, such as grade sync, are available because Cengage has worked with our partner LMSs to develop additional features that go beyond the basic specifications.


Training Resources

Get up and running with user guides, training videos, peer-led webinars and more!

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Customer Support

Need product support? Our customer support team is available virtually around the clock.

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Chat with a Faculty Partner for expert advice about teaching, learning tools and techniques.

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Stay engaged with educators like you, who are dedicated to promoting achievement.

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