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Students using MindTap did 33% better than those who did not.
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Image of two students conversing: Out of 2500 U.S. History students, those using MindTap showed a 13% increase in their final grade over students who did not.

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In a study of 2500 U.S. History students, those using MindTap in their course achieved a 13% increase in their final grade over students who didn’t use MindTap.

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Illustrated bar graph infographic: Studies show that students using MindTap for Psychology did 33% better in post-test exams across 13 surveyed institutions.

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In a study of 14 Introductory Psychology courses across 13 institutions, students using MindTap did 33% better in a post-test exam than those who did not use MindTap.

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93% of employers find a "capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems… more important than (an) undergraduate major"*

Now, students can use the Pathbrite ePortfolio app in their MindTap course to highlight those skills beyond their GPA.

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In 2015, the percentage of students owning smartphones grew to 92%, surpassing laptop ownership for the first time.

Join Yoshi Tryba, Platform Product Manager at Cengage, as he shares ways that the industry and individual instructors are adapting learning plans to engage students through mobile. He will also discuss the current state of mobile in higher education, how today's students use mobile, and how the next generation of students want to study.

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