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MindTap is the platform that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course—to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual and to build students’ confidence.

What is MindTap?

Propel students from memorization to mastery

Accelerate Your Course

Everything you need in one place.

Cut prep time with MindTap preloaded, organized course materials. Teach more efficiently with interactive multimedia, assignments, quizzes and more.

Empower your students to reach their potential.

Built-in metrics provide insight into student engagement. Identify topics needing extra instruction. Instantly communicate with struggling students to speed progress.

Your course. Your content.

MindTap gives you complete control over your course. You can rearrange textbook chapters, add your own notes and embed a variety of content—including OER.

A dedicated team, whenever you need it.

MindTap is backed by a personalized team eager to help you every step of the way. We'll help set up your course, tailor it to your specific objectives and stand by to provide support.

Build Confidence with MindTap

Find Your Course Area

Create Your Own Potential

Show What You Know

Pathbrite from Cengage


Now available right from your MindTap course with the ePortfolio app, Pathbrite makes it easy for students to capture and share the evidence of skills beyond the GPA. With Pathbrite portfolios, students can collect images, videos, documents, and more to showcase their achievements.

Why Students Love MindTap

MindTap Makes an Impact on Teaching and Learning

They're coming in and they're telling me how great they did on their assignment, their pretest, and the Aplia assignment. When they tell me and I see the excitement in them about that, we're doing it right. This is working.”

“My students love MindTap. They love the fact that I'm not lecturing, that I'm flipping the classroom. And MindTap allows me to do that, which I love too.”

“One of the most important things I've seen so far is the ability to customize the course to bring in my own content, to bring in websites, to bring in YouTube videos. You can't do that in a print textbook.”

  • Jesse Esparza
    Texas Southern University
  • Melody Alexander
    Ball State University
  • Donna Donald
    Liberty University

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MindTap Sneak Peek

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The Journey to Digital: Teaching and Learning Powered by You

Despite new technologies, do you ever find it hard to connect with today’s uber-busy students? Hear renowned educators share tips and info to make an impact and boost engagement. Listen now




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The Journey to Digital: Tips to Grow Confident Learners

Join Scott Domowicz from Pittsburgh Technical College as he shares ways to use digital learning tools to instill student confidence and encourage success in your course and beyond. Listen now




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