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Access all Cengage Unlimited Online Textbooks in the Cengage Mobile App

Coming in January 2020, students subscribed to Cengage Unlimited will have access to all Cengage online textbooks through the Cengage Mobile App to read online or offline. That’s right—all.

In the free Cengage Mobile App, Cengage Unlimited subscribers can:

  • Complete skill-building activities from the College Success and Career Centers, included with their Cengage Unlimited subscription.
  • Access MindTap, CNOWv2 and SAM courses.
  • Utilize course study tools, like flashcards and practice quizzes. 
  • Request notifications for activity updates and due date reminders. 

With features for both you and your students, this free app inspires engagement and increases access to on-the-go learning. Download now for your iPhone or Android.


Cengage Unlimited

August 2019


  • Dashlane automatically fills and stores passwords, personal data and payment details to help students manage and protect their digital identity.
  • Cengage Unlimited subscribers will receive Dashlane Premium for the duration of their subscription for FREE with this exclusive partnership valued at $30 each semester.
  • Dashlane Premium offers students:
    • Unlimited password storage
    • Ability to use Dashlane on every device and platform
    • Instant form and payment autofill
    • Dark web monitoring with personalized alerts
    • VPN for secure WiFi 
    • Secure file storage for items like digital passports and driver’s licenses
  • Available in 11 languages and trusted by more than 10 million people in 180 countries (and growing), it's the complete, global solution for living safely and seamlessly online—at school, at home, at work and everywhere in between.

View this video to learn more about Dashlane. 



College Success Center

  • The College Success Center allows students to develop and strengthen skills that will help them succeed in college. The College Success Center has content and tools to support students when and where they need it, 24/7.

College success center navigation

  • Students can complete over 80 activities/quick lessons that combine video and narrative questions to provide an engaging learning experience with just-in-time, reliable information.
  • Students can search through these activities in 2 different views:
    • Timeline view to help students determine which skills they need to cover during the term

Timeline View

    • Category view so students can choose the category they want to learn.

Category View

  • These activities cover top student pain points. Some examples below:
    • Critical Thinking
    • Organization/Time Management
    • Communication
    • Motivation
    • Study Techniques
    • Academic Planning
    • Managing Life (e.g. Health/Financial Responsibilities) 

March 2019


Evernote Premium

  • Evernote is used by millions of students to get organized and study smarter. Premium Features allow students to annotate PDFs, access notes offline, upload larger files and more.

  • Cengage Unlimited subscribers can enjoy 6 months of Evernote Premium for FREE with this exclusive partnership at a $48 value. 

  • With Evernote Premium, students can:

    • Collect Everything: Class notes, web pages, handouts, articles, projects, even portfolios—all together in students’ productivity happy place.

    • Take it Everywhere: From the lecture hall to the dining hall to spring break—students’ important stuff is just a click away and always in sync—even when they’re offline.
    • Organize like a Pro: Attach and annotate PDFs, save and search handwritten notes, or connect to services like Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, and Outlook.

Learn more about Evernote Premium here.


January 2019

Study Tools

  • For 21 courses (and more to come), Cengage Unlimited student subscribers can benefit from additional study tools. These resources contain expert-authored, text-agnostic content to help students taking the class using any book or instructor.

  • Each course offers one or more of the following:

    • Test Prep (practice questions) authored by Cengage, delivered via Adaptive Test Prep.

    • Flashcards authored by Cengage, delivered via Quizlet.

    • Study Guides authored by Cengage, delivered via MindTap Reader.

  • These study tools can be found via the Search Tool or in carousels for new and recommended products. 

Flashcards    Study Guide    Test Prep  ""

Courses with Flashcards, Study Guide, and Test Prep available:

  • American Government
  • Business Law
  • General Chemistry
  • Introductory Nutrition (majors)
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Introductory Spanish
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • U.S. History Survey

Courses with Study Guide and Test Prep available:

  • Business Communication
  • College Algebra
  • College Success
  • Developmental Math: Basic College Math
  • Developmental Math: Intermediate Algebra
  • Developmental Math: Introductory Algebra
  • Developmental Math: PreAlgebra
  • Introductory Biology (non-majors)

Courses with Flashcards available:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Introductory Earth Science
  • Introductory French

Career Center

  • The Career Center offers tools and resources that help students assess their job skills, explore career options, build their resume and more. 
    Career Center location on navigation

  • This center will help student subscribers solve the following problems:

  1. I’m not sure what I want to be.
  2. I know my career path but need to build my skills.
  3. I’m ready to land a job and need help.

Explore Careers, Gain the Skills, Create Your Resume, More Career Resources

  • Students can build employable skills through career-readiness tutorials with ed2go courses, and create a resume or portfolio on Pathbrite via their dashboard.

Cengage | OpenNow

OpenNow Included in Cengage Unlimited

  • OpenNow delivers curriculum-aligned OER content on an intuitive, outcomes-based platform.

Learn more about OpenNow



  • Nearly 600 professional & trade titles by Packt are included in the Cengage Unlimited ebook library. They can be found by searching “Packt” using the Search Tool.

  • These hands-on, step-by-step programming and technology titles help students build skills that are in-demand across disciplines including Business, Math, Science, Computing and Engineering.

amazon logo


  • On amazon.com, students are able to purchase instant access to Cengage Unlimited.

Student Dashboard Chat

  • An added channel for support is now available 24/7 for students through their dashboard: 
  • Students click “CHAT WITH US” in the upper right corner.

Location of Chat Button

  • A new window will open where students will click a “Chat Now” prompt.

Chat Now Button

  • Students will see a “How may I help you?” message and can begin typing. If there are no agents available, they will see the chat line is busy.
    • If a student chooses “Save Chat” at the top left, they can download the transcript and save a copy.
    • They can “End Chat” and the chat screen will go gray. They will have to close the window to be completely done with the chat.

Open Chat Window

  • The student will get an email stating a case has been created based on their chat and will be provided a case ID.

December 2018


  • Until December 31, 2018, students with 30 days or less in their Cengage Unlimited subscription can renew for the following prices and terms:
    • $119.99 - 4-month Cengage Unlimited subscription plus an additional 2 months FREE!  
    • $179.99 - 1-year Cengage Unlimited subscription
    • $239.99 - 2-year Cengage Unlimited subscription

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Digital Locker

  • Students with an expired Cengage Unlimited subscription can save up to 6 online textbooks and fully access them at no charge for one year after their Cengage Unlimited subscription ends.
  • Students are allowed a one-time confirmation when choosing which and how many textbooks from their “My Home” tab to save in their digital locker.

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Dashboard Updates

  • Student research and feedback led to the following enhancements to the Cengage Unlimited dashboard:
    • Navigation Bar consolidates Catalog, Home and Study Resources.
      • My Home
      • Browse Catalog
      • Study Center
      • Print Options



  • Search Tool is expanded and visibly prominent once a user clicks the magnifying glass icon.



Student Purchase Flow Updates

  • Students who have purchased a standalone Cengage product within the last 30 days will not automatically be shown a purchase comparison page (see below) that highlights the opportunity to upgrade to Cengage Unlimited.
    • Removing this step will increase our focus on helping students successfully activate their purchased materials. Once they are secure in their course, students will be presented with opportunities to learn about Cengage Unlimited savings opportunities.

purchase flow

Cengage Unlimited Release: August 2018

Cengage Unlimited is LIVE August 1, 2018

  • Any college student can now choose to subscribe to Cengage Unlimited in bookstores and online. One subscription and they’re covered for all their Cengage courses.
  • Students can choose their subscription length. One set price of $119.99 for 4 months, $179.99 for 1 year, or $239.99 for 2 years includes:
    • Online access to ALL their required Cengage textbooks.
    • All Cengage digital learning platforms like MindTap, WebAssign, OWLv2, CNOW, SAM and more.
    • Even after a student’s Cengage Unlimited subscription ends, access to their digital course—like MindTap, WebAssign, OWL, SAM and more—does not.
    • $7.99 print rental options when using a digital learning platform.
    • Tens of thousands of Cengage ebooks, study tools, test prep services and more.
    • Access to 6 ebooks after their Cengage Unlimited subscription ends.

Learn more about Cengage Unlimited

Chegg, Kaplan and Quizlet Partnerships

Available in students’ Cengage Unlimited dashboard, students with a Cengage Unlimited subscription have access to exclusive offerings with Chegg, Kaplan and Quizlet.


  • Chegg offers digital tools and resources that empower students to understand their class material, earn better grades, get into college, graduate and find the right job. Chegg has become the must-have resource for students to get the help they need to get through school. Whether students are trying to complete their homework, study for an exam, write a paper or need extra 1:1 help from an expert to understand the concept they’re struggling with, Chegg can help.
  • All subscribers to Cengage Unlimited will receive:
    • A month of free access to Chegg’s Learning Services, including: Chegg Study, Chegg Math, Easybib Plus, a Chegg Service and 60 minutes of tutoring through the Chegg Tutors platform.

To learn more about Chegg and Cengage Unlimited, view the press release here.


  • Kaplan is a premiere provider of educational and career services known for its superior educational test prep content and courses.
  • All subscribers to Cengage Unlimited will receive:
    • 30-day access to asynchronous test prep materials for the DAT, GMAT, GRE, Praxis, LSAT and MCAT in Cengage Unlimited (this restarts every time a student subscribes).
    • Discounts on Kaplan products.
    • 30-day access to Kaplan’s HelpSuite. Kaplan’s HelpSuite is live online academic support for Physics, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, which provides live help from expert teachers through online office hours, live chat and email, as well as on-demand videos and quizzes.

To learn more about Kaplan and Cengage Unlimited, view the press release here.


  • Quizlet is the world’s largest and most popular student and teacher online learning community.
  • All subscribers to Cengage Unlimited will receive:
    • A free 6-month Quizlet Plus subscription—available immediately. This includes all of Quizlet’s premium features, including the ability to study ad-free and offline, to upload and add images to flash cards and to join unlimited groups.

To learn more about Quizlet and Cengage Unlimited, view the press release here.