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La Tasha Roberts — Austin Community College

"Cengage Now is a virtual assistant to the faculty as well as the students because of the extensive useful resources available. The program has been influential with bridging the gap of knowledge from the instructor's lecture to the textbook to applying the concepts in assignments."

La Tasha Roberts is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Austin Community College in Austin, TX. She teaches Principals of Accounting in the Transfer Program and Introduction to Accounting in the Workforce Program. La Tasha has taught courses in traditional, hybrid and online formats. She has been using CNow for over 6 years in the Accounting Department. Her department uses CNow because it is user friendly for faculty and students.

La Tasha Roberts has an associate's degree, bachelor's degree in Accounting, and is currently working toward her master's degree after many years of working in the Accounting Industry. She has been a driving force in moving the department to the age of technology with her faculty and staff. She serves on different committees to ensure her departmental focus is in line with the college as well as their business communities.

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