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Stacy Holliday — Davidson County Community College

"Through MindTap, my students are continuously and dynamically engaged with the course content and instantly connected to one another, collaborating as active participants in learning and helping each other succeed! MindTap minimizes the administrative burden for me as the instructor and enables me to consistently monitor my students' progress and have time to provide that extra level of intervention when it is most needed."

I am a Dean of Student Success and have been a faculty member and administrator for 12 years in both 2-year and 4-year institutions. I've taught Psychology and College Success but also train faculty across disciplines who teach in many different content areas including business and technology, nursing and health sciences, math, English, and college transfer. I've worked with Cengage providing faculty development nationally, and have provided training in digital solutions including MindTap, Aplia, and iLRN as well as topics such as Active Learning, Student Engagement, Contextualized Curriculum, and Assessment of Learning Outcomes among many.

As a faculty member, there are so many things I love about MindTap! The learning path is definitely a timesaver, and keeps students focused and organized. I love that I can customize the course by bringing in my own additional material but insert it at relevant points, so that it seamlessly integrates with the course content. That both saves me time and minimizes the distractions students encountered when they had to just access via external links. I've seen increasing collaboration between students since we began using ConnectYard, and improving success rates when students utilize the embedded tools like FlashNotes. My colleagues and I have found that when we require students to utilize MindTap by incorporating it into the course grade, students spend more time engaging with the course content, and ultimately stay in the course and succeed at higher rates.

I also love the analytics available in MindTap, that allow me to monitor how engaged my students are in my course, not just how well they perform on an exam. More importantly, it provides the data we need to show students that the more time they spend engaged with the content we teach, the better they'll do in the class. A simple concept but when they can see it concretely, they set achievable goals, and I have seen overwhelming improvement as a result.

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