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Staci Osborn — Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)

"WebAssign has allowed me to provide a more comprehensive course for my on campus, blended, and web-based students."

Staci Osborn is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) in Cleveland, OH and has a BS in Mathematics from Lake Superior State University and an MA in Mathematics from Western Michigan University. Professor Osborn has been teaching mostly developmental mathematics courses full time at Tri-C for 10 years. She teaches on-campus courses, blended courses, and online courses. She adopted WebAssign because it allows her to still use a traditional textbook while also having the online resources needed for a blended or online course. Professor Osborn's students come from many backgrounds and do not have the ability to spend a lot of time on campus seeking help so even the on-campus students utilize all of the online assistance WebAssign provides. WebAssign allows Professor Osborn to spend more time in class introducing the material because she can then send students home to watch videos and practice problems to finish solidifying the concepts. This is especially important for her blended courses where time is limited in class. The amount of resources contained in WebAssign allows her to teach an online course without having to reinvent the wheel. The videos are already there showing students how to do the problems so that she can spend more time answering questions and less time prepping each topic. It is a wonderful time saver for her, and an amazing resource for her students to get help when they can't see her in person.

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