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Sandy Owen — Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

"MindTap has increased our student's ability to apply knowledge to practice by using the scenario assignment approach."

Sandra Owen is a Professor and Program Chair of the Early Childhood Education Department at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Cincinnati Ohio.

Sandra has used MindTap for over two years now. She recently submitted her Self Study Report for NAEYC Associate Degree Program Accreditation. She has customized MindTap to follow NAEYC standards and to provide necessary documentation for this accreditation process.

Sandra uses MindTap program-wide in online, hybrid and in- person classes. The consistency across classes provides students with a comfort level that allows them to focus on content of the course and not get distracted by the mechanics of the digital product.

Sandra has been at Cincinnati State for 15 years. Her Bachelor's degree in Education is from Miami University (Ohio) and her Master's degree is from Mount Saint Joseph University in Cincinnati Ohio.

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