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Ryan Kiggins — University of Central Oklahoma

The practice activities and wrap it up quizzes in MindTap have immeasurably contributed to student performance in my class. Students are better prepared for in class discussion, leave class better prepared to be participating citizens, and have a deeper and broader understanding of American National Government.

Ryan Kiggins completed his Ph. D. in political science at the University of Florida. His teaching and research interests are technology and international relations with particular interest in the effects of information technologies, robotics technologies, and biotechnology on international relations and the effect of international relations on technology. He is the author of multiple journal articles and book chapters, in addition to serving as editor of two books, all of which scrutinize specific puzzles that arise from the interaction of technological change, international relations, US economic and national security policy, and the prospects for global prosperity and peace. He is passionate for learning, teaching, and conducting research. He is currently a faculty member in the political science department, at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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