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Mitch Harden — St. Charles Community College & University of Sother Indiana

Mitch Harden is an Assistant Psychology Professor at St. Charles Community College and an Adjunct Psychology Instructor at the University of Southern Indiana. His background is in Behavioral Neuroscience. This means he worked with drugs, rats, and mazes (not people on couches). He is unlikely to be able to help you with your mental health issues. He has been teaching the science of psychology for over ten years and brings his experimental training into the classroom as he tries new techniques to increase student engagement and performance. He teaches Introduction to Psychology, Biological Psychology, Introduction to Psychopharmacology, and a vanity course about Psychology in Film.

Mitch holds a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Southern Indiana, a Master's in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Missouri Saint Louis and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Higher Education Leadership at Maryville University. In addition to his teaching, Mitch advises student organizations and serves as a Title IX investigator.

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