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Mark Clark — Palomar College

"I have used WebAssign for many years and it has helped me to keep my students engaged in homework and allowed me to transform my classroom to a more engaging environment."

Mark Clark has been teaching Mathematics at Palomar College in California for over 20 years. He is also an author of a developmental math series published by Cengage. Mark has used Enhanced WebAssign for over 6 years. Mark teaches a variety of developmental math classes as well as applied calculus using WebAssign. He has used WebAssign to facilitate online homework in a traditional lecture class, in a flipped classroom environment and in online classes. Mark says "My students stay more engaged and get the help they need through WebAssign that I cannot give them when they are outside of my class or office."

Mark loves to help instructors find ways to accomplish what fits in their pedagogical style of teaching using technology and other resources.

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