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Marcy Krugel — Florida Atlantic University

Marcy Krugel is a senior instructor in the Business Communications Program within the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in Southeast Florida.

Marcy uses the Aplia assignments (within MindTap) to engage students in learning, understanding, and integrating the chapter concepts and grammar rules. These assignments allow students to work at their own pace to review and retest as necessary. Marcy often edits these assignments, breaking them into self-checks and self-test segments or using assignment segments as strategic knowledge checks. Since these assignments are auto graded, Marcy can spend her time working with students on their actual skill demonstrations rather than on knowledge drills.

The YouSeeU application has not only met the online presentation challenge, but also helped Marcy's face-to-face students improve their presentation skills. In addition to using YouSeeU for the graded online presentations, Marcy uses it for rehearsals, peer reviews, and self-reviews. Last year's face-to-face presentation assessment showed her students' presentations were stronger in structure and content than in delivery. While her school's faculty all agreed that they should assign rehearsal presentations, time and an efficient process were constraints. YouSeeU addressed both!

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