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Kirk Canzano — Long Beach City College

"Doing journal entries in CengageNOWv2 is like doing it on paper. It really works. . . . Guessing the answer by rotating through drop-downs has been virtually eliminated, yet students can get feedback from the Check My Work button"

"Students are more engaged in their out-of-class work and are doing more of it. They receive instant and individualized feedback on each exercise and problem they complete - and I don't spend any time scoring their work."

"The Show Me How videos that accompany most of the problems I assign in CengageNow have reduced the need for students to seek my help. They report watching them repeatedly."

Kirk Canzano has been a full-time faculty member in Accounting at Long Beach City College for close to 20 years. He is a CPA with many years of business experience; 2 Big 4 public-accounting, multi-national companies, and small businesses.

Kirk is currently teaching ground-based Accounting courses and uses CengageNOW to web-enhance his offerings. He was a key contributor in refining CengageNOWv2 and describes himself as a "super enthusiastic" faculty-user. All out-of-class assignments are completed through CengageNow. Students struggling with topics are frequently referred to the various study tools of CengageNOW. Kirk can respond quickly to students struggling with an assigned problem as CengageNOW provides Kirk with the proper algorithmic solution to each student's problem.

Kirk used to be a staunch advocate of homework-by-hand, especially when it came to accounting Journal Entries. He reports himself completely "reformed" because of the highly effective "blank sheet of paper" approach taken by CengageNOWv2. Kirk participated in a Cengage Case Study where the statistical result of student exam performance in his course was shown to be in almost perfect correlation with the student's performance in CengageNow assignments. (Note that all Kirk's exams are done on paper where they would be doing Journal Entries and Financial Statements by hand.) Another key feature of CengageNOWv2 is the "Show Me How" videos which students use to help them complete assigned problems. Students report watching these engaging videos over and over. They have reduced the need for students to contact Kirk for homework assistance.

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