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Jarren Gonzales — University of Notre Dame

Aplia has increased retention, success, and competence of enrolled students...

I am an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, and I've been a Faculty Partner since 2012. I earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame with specific emphases in research methodology and multicultural psychology.

I have taught university and college courses since 2001, and each of these courses have included a web-based or digital component. Currently, I teach Statistics, Research Methods, and Introductory Psychology, and I've taught a range of other courses. I teach small and large group courses in face-to-face settings, and have also taught study abroad courses over the past two summers in Cambridge, England.

I started using Aplia in 2010 in my Statistics course, and I've been using MindTap for each of my courses since it first became available for my selected textbooks. These learning tools have increased retention, success, and competence of enrolled students, and I am conducting ongoing process and outcome research to determine the ways in which Aplia and MindTap positively affect the learning experience of student users.

In addition to teaching, I served on the campus-wide Curriculum Committee and as a Student Learning Outcome lead for the Social Science Division, and I previously served as the Assistant Dean of Recruitment, Admissions, and Retention in the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame.

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