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Irma Gibson — Albany State University

"Mindtap has been beneficial to me as well as the students by uniquely enhancing my ability to expound upon my hands on and interactive pedagogy philosophy as well as incorporate real world teaching methods. As a result, the needs of every type of student learner are met: visual, auditory and experiential."

Dr. Gibson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at the UNSINKABLE Albany State University in Southwest Georgia. She is a Graduate faculty who teaches across the curriculum, including a variety of courses on the topics of child and family welfare, direct and indirect practice, human behavior and the social environment, interviewing and recording, self-awareness and professional development, school social work and social work practice with vulnerable populations where she utilizes the mindtap tools in two of her courses. She has taught abroad annually since 2009 and crossed international borders in her successful endeavors to culturally connect the U.S. and the Trinidad and Tobago child and family welfare systems. She entered into the academy fulltime approximately 11 years ago after 21 years of social work practice and experience as a clinician and a social work administrator with various components of the federal government, nationally and internationally. She obtained her Bachelor's in Sociology from Paine College (magna Cum laude); Master's in Social Work from the University of Georgia and Ph.D. in Social Work with a concentration in public health from Clark Atlanta University. She is the proud mother of an awesome 27 year old son who is a Savannah State University graduate presently fulfilling his career in radio and television in Des Moines, Iowa; and she enjoys teaching, listening to music, traveling, spending time with her family and reading.

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