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Ginny Dow — Liberty University

"MindTap has helped me to provide out-of-classroom meaningful connections and hands-on practice to the material that I present in class. The Connect Yard component has added a spark of fun and increased the sense of community in my large lectures!"

Ginny Dow is an Assistant Professor of English and teaches both literature and writing full-time in the College of General Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She teaches both residential and online classes. Prior to 2009, Ginny worked as a journalist and taught high school in Maine. She is currently finishing her dissertation for a Ph.D in Literature and Criticism, focusing in transatlantic studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

One of Ginny's favorite aspects of MindTap is the demonstrable benefit to her students. The hands-on practices both reinforce classroom teaching and enable her students to feel confident in their growing knowledge of the subject material. She especially enjoys using Connect Yard as a quick and efficient way to garner interest in the readings and to get information out to students.

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