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Gabriel Mendoza — El Paso Community College

"With Cengage my online classes have become more interactive and I am able to see and track my students progress."

Gabriel Mendoza is currently a Tenured Mathematics Professor at El Paso Community College: Rio Grande Campus. He received both of his Master's degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso, his first Masters focused in the study of Mathematics Education. The second Master's degree had an emphasis in Technology Implementation in Mathematics Education. Mr. Mendoza teaching experience expands over twelve years where he has taught at the public and postsecondary level. For the last ten years Mr. Mendoza has been a proficient user of WebAssign and because of his experience and knowledge with WebAssign he was recruited to become a Power User and represent and teach how to use WebAssign to other colleagues Mr. Mendoza has also dedicated most of his free time to expose his students and community to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by being the EPCC-STEM Club advisor for the last eight years. As the EPCC-STEM Club Advisor he travels with his students to several National STEM related conferences during the year. As a result of this, several of his students have been offered internships and employment in Government Founded National Labs and Private Industries.

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