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Ed Winkofsky — University of Cincinnati

With MindTap I am able to eliminate the paperwork, provide quicker turnaround, and improve the feedback to my students for their assignments.

Edward Winkofsky is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati. Prior to joining the University of Cincinnati in 2007, he spent over 25 years at MeadWestvaco in analytical and managerial positions in logistics and supply chain management.

Edward primarily teach Business Analytics, formerly known as Business Statistics, to undergraduate business majors. He usually has the large sections with over 200 students in a class. After teaching these sections for a couple of years, he needed a better way to process homework. He used GAs to grade assignments, but even when this went well, the turnaround was at least a week with limited feedback. He was looking for a way to reduce paperwork, provide quicker turnaround, and improve feedback. Aplia was his answer for several years. However in 2016, Edward migrated to MindTap. While maintaining the benefits of Aplia, MindTap has provided Edward's students with practice assignments, videos and interactive tools which are integrated in the text he uses. The move to MindTap was the logical next step for improving the learning experience for Edward's students, and he has been pleased with the results.

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