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Dr. Daniel Asera — University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"One of my favorite online programs is WebAssign (EWA), which is now owned by Cengage."

I am a Professor & Faculty Fellow at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and teach various levels of college-level Math in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the UNLV Mathematics Learning Center. For several years, I served as the Courseware Administrator working with 4 different publishers to manage and maintain an effective online learning program in the Math Department in addition to working with our Math Graduate Assistants. One of my favorite online programs was WebAssign (EWA), which is now owned by Cengage. I have attended Cengage workshop training MindTap and conducted consulting for Cengage for proposed Calculus textbooks. As a Pearson Fellow, I have also participated in the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics for several years.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. and Ph.D., I am also president of the UC Berkeley Alumni Chapter of Las Vegas and serve on the board of the Nevada Faculty Alliance and several University committees. For several years, I have been a Hearing Officer for Tax Appeal Hearings for Clark County, Nevada and have been Faculty Adviser to several student organizations on campus.

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