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Carolyn Williams — Shelton State Community College and Gadsden State Community College

"I love how Cengage MindTap combines science-based text with interactive, digital tools to really engage students and help them apply concepts. Creating online learning that's this effective and user-friendly would have taken me years to do on my own!"

Carolyn has been a Nutrition, Culinary Arts, and Health Education instructor at Shelton State Community College for 10 years, and she uses Cengage MindTap for Understanding Nutrition to teach class sections in three different formats classroom, online, and hybrid. While she's always used the Understanding Nutrition text for her classes, Carolyn admits that she was hesitant to add the Cengage MindTap component due to her past experience using other digital learning tools. She finally took the leap in 2013 in hopes of better addressing two instructional concerns: 1) keeping content consistent across all sections and teaching formats, and 2) challenging her students to dig deeper into concepts to apply them to real-life scenarios.

Today, she wishes she'd never waited because incorporating MindTap has been a win-win for instructor and students. Not only are content and learning objectives more consistent across classes, but student outcomes and engagement rates are higher something she credits to MindTap's interactive features and additional learning opportunities. One of Carolyn's favorite Cengage features is the Diet and Wellness Plus application, or what she calls a "game-changer" for her diet analysis project. Using the Diet and Wellness Plus feature, students can more thoroughly interpret and apply findings from their personal results to see short and long-term effects. On top of her students' successes, Carolyn says her grading has been streamlined to cut out stacks of paper and save time.

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