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Brien Dunn — Louisiana Delta Community College

"MindTap Math Foundation's multi-optioned learning approach using games, videos, and exercise problems is exactly what this tech-savvy generation needs to capture and maintain attention and subject interest."

As QEP Director and Professor of Mathematics and Business at Louisiana Delta Community College in Monroe, La., Professor Dunn is always interested in improving how he does things. Clearly, systemic, departmental, and individual course change is never easy, but being part of the initial product pilot test for the new MindTap Math Foundations made him realize the potential to improve his course delivery and strategy.

Professor Dunn used the same old, increasingly antiquated software approach for years, and student performance was stagnant at best. It became apparent the old 'something-lab' software was simply not keeping up with the tech-savvy expectations and norms of this generation.

MindTap Math Foundation's multi-optioned learning approach gives instructors needed content delivery flexibility. Offering extensive modern style games, creative white-board communication options, detailed quick videos, and a myriad of more traditional homework exercise problems, the software was a breath of fresh-air over other competing platforms.

With a fundamentally different design approach compared to other options, instantaneous, easy and useful analytics and feedback, this is exactly what Professor Dunn needed to more effectively and individually respond to students. It looks and feels modern and up-to-date and Professor Dunn loves that he can quickly determine who hasn't started, in-progress, or completed the assignments, which is critically useful instructional information before walking into the classroom. And if Brien wants more detail, those options are there as well.

Brien knows that change is often not easy for professors, but this is something he got behind early on and it's making a big difference. Brien's experience spearheading the adoption and training process of this new platform at his institution provided perspective on what it really takes to commit and make such substantive changes - for some it was easy and other's a bit more challenging but well worth the effort!

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