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Brian Chadwick — Michigan State University

"The ability to customize within WebAssign makes it a leading program in setting up and running courses in an online format. It can be personalized to accomplish the goals I have for my students."

Brian Chadwick holds a B.S. in Mathematics and M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching, both received from Michigan State University. Prior to coming to Higher Ed, he worked as a high school math teacher for ten years. Having built a desire for college level math readiness, he now works at Michigan State University on a variety of bridge programs assisting in closing the gap between high school and college mathematics. He also teaches several gateway courses allowing him to be in tune with the struggles students continually face.

Challenged with the opportunity to offer a majority of these programs in an online format, he has taken to WebAssign as the platform for design and delivery. The ability to customize, adjust, and track reliable data has provided an environment that has shown student success. Now, having completed multiple programs over 3 years, he continues to see the benefits of the Cengage product line.

Brian's current projects include a STEM-readiness grant being implemented at the high school level and assistance with the design of a quantitative literacy track at Michigan State University.

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