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Amie Russell — Mississippi State University

I am constantly finding new ways to engage my students using the iLrn Language Learning Center. The shear amount of content is overwhelming at first, but it makes starting a new semester and incorporating new ideas and activities exciting!

Amie is a Spanish instructor and the undergraduate coordinator for Mississippi State University in the Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures Department. She teaches all levels of Spanish as well as organizes advising for her students. Amie has taught both face-to-face and online courses. She has been using Cengage products in the classroom since fall 2011.

Amie has used Nexos 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions to teach Spanish I, II and III. She also uses the iLrn Language Learning Center with the Quia workbook. She has really enjoyed using these products especially since she started teaching online. Teaching online has really improved and increased her knowledge about these products because they make facilitating a course and presenting material so much easier than building everything herself. However, Amie also loves that she still has the ability to create in the iLrn environment to make her courses unique. She likes sharing all these incredibly useful features with other interested professionals, and loves to show students how there are so many different tools in one convenient place that allow them to study material from the ebook, practice using the fun activities, do assigned homework, take self-tests, etc.

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