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Alejandra Balestra — University of Houston

"iLrn quizzes and Share it developmental tools have helped me to develop critical thinking materials for our students and get excellent results."

Alejandra Balestra is the Director of the Spanish as a Second Language Program at the Department of Hispanic Studies in the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. Her current teaching focus includes traditional and online Spanish as a Second Language courses and graduate courses. She developed the whole curriculum for First and Second Year Spanish programs.

Previously, Alejandra used iLrn with Puentes, but did not take advantage of the full possibilities iLrn and the textbook offer. When she created the first online Spanish language courses at the Department of Hispanic Studies and started to use Conectados and Exploraciones, she learned all about iLrn and incorporated all the iLrn resources such as Share it! to create excellent community activities. Resources used included creating personalized quizzes, activities to help students develop critical thinking skills, and the use of VoiceBoard to create oral activities and assessments to strengthen social critical conscience.

Alejandra has a Bachelor in Modern and Classical Languages from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received a MA and Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics at University of Houston.

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