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PlaceU empowers learning with the flexibility and analytics you need to optimize placement for your students.

Practice Tests to Prepare Students

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Customizable and Proven Placement Exams

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Personalized Targeted Practice to Improve Readiness

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Analytics to Optimize Exam Predictability

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Features You Want. Capabilities You Need.

Proven Content to Fit Your Course

Every school has their own unique student body. Our flexible placement solution enables you to:

  • Use our proven College Math Exam to place students into corequisites and other college-level courses

  • Use our proven Calculus Readiness Assessment to improve placement for STEM majors
  • Customize tests to your curriculum or create your own tests from scratch
  • Fully randomize and algorithmically grade questions

Personalized Tools to Boost Student Readiness

Data shows that many students are under-placed. We empower learning with:

  • Built-in practice test for students to assess readiness prior to the assessment
  • Personalized, targeted student practice based on their test results, including short refresher videos, reading material and randomized practice problems
  • Fully customizable readiness tools

Powerful Analytics

Use robust analytics tools to optimize your placement exam for your students.

  • Customize the weight per question based on predictive models from logistic regression analysis
  • View performance data on various topics, as well as at the item level
  • Automatically transfer scores to student information systems
  • Provide custom feedback to students based on their scores

Easy to Integrate. Simple to Use.

The friendly test-taking environment of PlaceU encourages students to perform at their best.

  • Full LMS and Shibboleth rostering integration
  • Supports both proctored and non-proctored testing
  • Easy-to-use UI with built-in tutorial to acclimate students
  • Offline mode to save student work if internet access is lost
  • Supports students who need time accommodations and/or screen readers, like JAWS

Testimonials That Say It All

“There’s nothing confusing about PlaceU. I also like how you can bookmark questions for later and how it shows how many questions were answered or not answered. That was very helpful!”​

PlaceU has been a great solution for our Math Placement Exams. The PlaceU interface has given our students a much better experience and we feel that students can better focus on the content of the exam and not the technical aspects of the platform. Administratively, we like the fact that we can still customize and personalize the exams to better meet the needs of our own institution.”​

  • Student
    University of Virginia
  • Jenn Whitfield
    Instructional Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M University

Pricing That Won’t Break the Bank

We offer competitive pricing with multiple options. PlaceU pricing is per student with unlimited retakes.


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Need Support? You’ve Got It.

From assistance choosing the appropriate test to finding test setup details to adding your own custom placement test to PlaceU, we offer extensive resources to offer the hand you need wherever you might need it. Our support tools empower you to maximize your PlaceU experience. And remember, we're always a phone call or email away should you need additional help.

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