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Online courseware keeps students motivated and engaged throughout the semester. They can study anywhere, anytime, on any device, while instructors keep complete control over course content. It’s no wonder that students using online courseware from Cengage to supplement printed course materials performed better than those who did not.1


1Based on actual student performance.


Breaking Barriers/Need more support:

Integrating online courseware into your class is a big deal. We totally get that. But the effort will really pay off for both you and your students: better student outcomes, more engagement, more convenience and flexibility. If you take anything away from reading this page, know that we will be with you every step of the way to help you get it right. Here’s how: 


Set Up and Follow Through
We listen, then help you get set up your way. Once we’re done, most new users find they teach the same way they always have. They simply use the online courseware to enhance what they’re already doing, and better engage and monitor student results. Instructors also get flexibility to customize materials to their liking, and save time grading and connecting with students. 

      Need more support? 

  • Get a Cengage Digital Success Specialist—assigned uniquely to you—to help set up your course, answer any questions and support you throughout the term—not just at the beginning
  • Access a network of Faculty Partners who can answer your online courseware questions, and share their experiences using it and integrating online courseware into their teaching
  • Join our Higher Ed Digital Community to talk to peers about using Cengage online courseware, or to ask any questions you have about digital learning

With built-in grading and a host of features, you’ll save time while generating better outcomes.  

Mobile Access
If students don’t own a computer, and can’t get to a computer lab on campus, many do have smartphones. Our MindTap online courseware has one of the best educational apps available. With the MindTap Mobile app, students can read their full textbook, take practice quizzes and use interactive flashcards for studying—all right on their phones. You can also send students text alerts about due dates, assignments to catch up on and more, right to the palm of their hands.

Affordable and Flexible

Since no two students are the same, empower them to study in a way that reflects their unique preferences—and budgets:

  • Online courseware only, a great value
  • Online courseware, with print purchased later
  • Online courseware and loose leaf print purchased together
  • Online courseware, plus hardcover print rental
  • Online courseware, plus print purchase

Students can access a variety of affordable options that match their learning style. What’s more, instructors love the all-in-one convenience online courseware delivers.