OER: Making Education Affordable

Open Educational Resources combined with empowered teaching and confident learning can lower student costs and elevate performance. But with millions of OER to choose from, how do we make sure these resources are selected and used effectively? 

Simple. Combine OER with powerful technology.

OER is evolving

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Did you know 1 in 5 college students has skipped or deferred a class due to cost? OER may be the solution.

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MindTap, WebAssign, Learning Objects

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Journey to OER: Panel Discussion

Hear our panel discuss how they’re implementing Open Education Resources within their different roles across Higher Education, including Professor, Dean, Library Researcher, Vice President of Content Strategy and Chief Academic Affairs Officer.

Journey to OER Podcast Series

Throughout this series, we chatted with instructors about their personal journeys with Open Educational Resources. From these podcasts, you’ll come out with a great sense of how they learned about OER, what it took to build an OER course and how it’s impacted their students – and more!

Bringing Value to OER

The rise of OER and digital learning tools, paired together, can create powerful and
affordable options for students and instructors. Cengage adds value to OER by complementing it with:

Curated content

Instructor resources


Proven technology

 If you are interested in OER, also explore these options:

OpenNow From Cengage

OpenNow provides an affordable option for accessing high-quality OER content in an easy-to-use, ADA-compliant, digital platform. Complete with CC-BY narrative and assessment content aligned to learning objectives, OpenNow drives student success from the very first day of class.

WebAssign From Cengage

WebAssign is an online instructional solution for mathematics, statistics, physics and chemistry. Through our partnership with OpenStax, WebAssign supports free peer-reviewed, high-quality academic content across multiple disciplines. Each OpenStax course features a complete digital textbook, a bank of text-specific questions, additional open education resources and the ability for instructors to create and add their own content.