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Mobilize Mastery

With a full, interactive ebook, readable online or off, 24/7 course access and study tools that power on-the-go learning, the MindTap Mobile App lets students study wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

The Magic Behind the Mobile

Check out some of the robust features that are keeping students engaged and propelling their progress outside of class. With the MindTap Mobile App, you can keep students moving forward in your course, while they're moving forward outside the classroom, too.

MindTap Reader

The days of studying being limited by an internet connection are dead. With the MindTap Reader, students can access their full course ebook on their smartphone to complete reading assignments online or off—anytime, anyplace—including off the grid. Students can also use the MindTap Reader to:

  • Take notes
  • Highlight important passages
  • Have their text read aloud to them

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Notifications keep students out of the lion’s den with just-in-time reminders. The MindTap Mobile App sends notifications directly to students, to inform them of:

  • Due dates and last-minute reminders for incomplete assignments that count toward their grade
  • Changes to activity due dates, score updates and instructor comments
  • Technical announcements about the platform

In-Class Tools for Instructors

The MindTap Mobile App is “here” for you with geolocation features that let you take in-class and remote attendance so you’ll always know who’s present. Looking to fuel student interaction and engagement? Polling capabilities help you do all that and view engagement by student simultaneously.

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Gradebook screen


Spare yourself time and strike some work-life balance when it comes to grading. Use the Progress App—the MindTap Mobile App’s gradebook—to:

  • Empower students to access their grades at the touch of a button—without your help!
  • View overall course grades and grades by activity or category
  • Find out how much time students spend in MindTap, how many activities they access and more using engagement data

Study Resources for Students

With tools that empower anywhere—and we mean anywhere—learning, students can jump into studying whenever they feel like it. Course-specific flashcards and study games with pre-built quizzes help students recall key concepts on the move, so they can land the grade they really want.

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94% of college students own a mobile device

Learning on Their Terms

The MindTap Mobile App makes studying convenient. And when studying happens more easily, it happens more frequently! Read this student success story to see firsthand what learners loved most about the free app.

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