Language Learning at Its Best

Make Your Course Unique

Modify the way you run your course by adding notes, website links or YouTube videos—even replace or delete text in your eBook. Additional customized options include accessing mean scores and completion rates of assigned activities. This short video shares how else you can personalize your course.

Engage with Share It!

This virtual community allows you to openly share videos, media files and voice threads with your students. Watch as they confidently express themselves through ratings and comments—all while using the learned language. Find out more about how to use Share It! with your students in this short video.

Track Progress Toward Success

With iLrn, students succeed in both the classroom and in everyday conversations, and that continued progress begins with you. By offering different methods for grading students’ work, you get the customization that works best for you. Watch this short video to learn how you can keep your students’ progress organized.

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