Theresa Carlson

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OWLv2, OLC Certified - Quality in Online Learning
LMS Used:
Biology, Chemistry, College Success and Study Skills, Earth Sciences, Nutrition
San Diego State University

Theresa Carlson

I've adopted OWLV2 in the General Chemistry I course to help my students learn General Chemistry more effectively and to help them with their critical thinking skills. Students have commented on how much they like the OWLv2 homework, which has helped increase their overall grades. Currently, I'm using OWLv2 to customize my own quiz questions, which allow students to get a better idea of the types of questions I'd ask on an exam. After using OWLv2 for several months, I can't think of a better program to help my students learn and understand the subject matter.


Quality in Online Learning (OLC/Cengage) Badge
Issued by Online Learning Consortium
The earner of this badge has successfully completed the OLC 2-week training on Quality in Online Learning. This training program will help Cengage faculty consultants to better support, mentor, and provide virtual coaching to faculty at various institutions on effective practices of quality online learning, including course design, facilitation, and assessment.


"OWLv2 has allowed me to assess my students early and has raised the percentage of students passing with a C or higher."

Webinars & Resources

Teaching Lab Concepts with LabSkills

Presenters: Theresa Carlson, San Diego State University

While there's no perfect way to replicate the learning experience of a physical Chemistry lab, online simulations and assessments can be powerful learning tools to teach students laboratory concepts and skills. Watch an overview of LabSkills for General and Organic Chemistry, including its video demonstrations, interactive calculation questions, problem-solving simulations and quiz questions. You will learn how one instructor successfully transitioned all of their lab courses online using LabSkills.


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