Katie Culler

WebAssign, OLC Certified - Quality in Online Learning
LMS Used:
Developmental Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics
Surry Community College

Katie Culler

I’m a Mathematics Instructor at Surry Community College on the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I have taught everything from developmental mathematics up to precalculus algebra and precalculus trigonometry.  I currently serve as the liaison for the faculty teaching developmental mathematics.  I am also a faculty sponsor for the Math Club on our campus in which we participate in different local events promoting critical thinking skills, logic, and, of course, mathematics.  We also take our students on college visits to places they are considering transferring to as well as different programs they are considering such as engineering.

All of our math courses at Surry utilize WebAssign.  We typically use it for homework and we have found it to be quite beneficial to our students’ learning as it can be challenging, but also instructive while they are still in the learning process.  

I graduated from Salem College with a B.A. in Mathematics and Chemistry and earned my M.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in college teaching from Appalachian State University.  I am currently attending North Carolina State University working on my Doctorate in Education.

In this tirelessly technology driven world, it is a necessity to have some partners in learning.  As a faculty partner, I hope to increase other’s knowledge and confidence in WebAssign/Cengage and to increase my own understanding for the benefit of our students.  

Quality in Online Learning (OLC/Cengage) Badge
Issued by Online Learning Consortium
The earner of this badge has successfully completed the OLC 2-week training on Quality in Online Learning. This training program will help Cengage faculty consultants to better support, mentor, and provide virtual coaching to faculty at various institutions on effective practices of quality online learning, including course design, facilitation, and assessment.



"WebAssign has allowed my students to have a platform to practice the skills they are learning no matter the format of the course and has proven to prepare the students quite well not only for upcoming exams, but for their future courses."

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