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Developing Career-Ready, Critical Thinkers with QuickBooks Online

Presenter:  Cathy Scott
Date Recorded:  6/3/2019

Check out this webinar to learn how to level up your teaching approach with QuickBooks Online in order to transform the Accounting learning experience; ultimately developing career-ready, critical thinkers. Since the future workplace will be a dynamic, rather than static, environment, employers will look for individuals who are adaptable, self-sufficient and can think critically. Accounting education needs to prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to be successful in an ever-changing world. The resources shared facilitate an innovative teaching mindset and help participants determine the right learning equation for their courses.

The New Form 1040

Presenter:  Steve Gill
Date Recorded:  5/8/2019

This webinar focuses on the forms-driven approach to understanding individual taxation. Learn more about the new postcard-size Form 1040 and the six new Form 1040 schedules, plus cover some of the new form lines such as the qualified business income deduction. Author Steve Gill also discusses items that are no longer relevant or reported (at least until 2025).


Why Are (or Aren’t) We Teaching This in Introductory Financial Accounting?
Presenter:  Jeff Jones
Date Recorded:  4/17/19

This webinar discusses a variety of topics to elicit discussion on what should or shouldn’t be taught in Introductory Financial Accounting. For example, some topics currently taught in Introductory Financial Accounting courses have been carried over from manual accounting systems and are no longer relevant in today’s computerized world. Other topics are taught because “we have always taught them,” and haven't changed since current professors were students themselves. Still, other topics aren’t taught, but probably should be to better prepare students for their careers. Topics featured in this webinar include the teaching of temporary accounts such as “Income Summary” or “Profit and Loss Summary,” the teaching of a “Capital Stock” account, and teaching using “four-column” accounts.

Teaching Tax Under the TCJA
Presenter: Annette Nellen
Date Recorded: 4/3/19

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was enacted on December 22, 2017, the IRS has issued a good deal of guidance, but not everything. The 2019 filing season starts with a revised 1040 with six new schedules and new compliance tasks and uncertainties. This webinar reviews select provisions of the TCJA relevant to teaching tax and what more we know today than we did in 2018. The presentation will include changes to itemized deductions, accounting methods, fringe benefit deductions, and qualified opportunity funds. (The Section 199A QBI deduction is covered in a separate webinar.)


Transitioning your Aplia course to MindTap
Presenters: Jenny Billings, Reggie Cobb and Kelvin Wong 
Date Recorded: 4/12/2019

To continue to deliver the most advanced digital courseware that helps you challenge your students and elevate academic performance, this Fall, Aplia is transitioning into MindTap! With Aplia in MindTap, you and your students get the Aplia content that you love, with the added features of MindTap, like an interactive reader, dynamic gradebook, mobile app and more. Join us for a webinar to learn more about this transition, and how you can set up your Aplia course in MindTap. Hear from three of your colleagues as they walk through how they use Aplia in MindTap, and all of the added benefits it offers.

Game On! How to Activate Learning in Principles of Economics Courses 
Presenters: Kelvin Wong, Cengage Faculty Partner and Nathanael Berger, Economist at MobLab 
Date Recorded: 3/11/2019

Experiments, games and surveys can be an impactful and memorable part of a Principles of Economics course for students. These engaging tools help theories come to life and show the relevance of what students are studying through active learning and high-level thinking. 

This webinar takes you through a MobLab-powered lesson and discusses: 
• The power of hands-on activity in the learning process 
• How to easily implement games and activities in your own classroom 
• The exciting partnership offering MobLab access to you and your students, integrated within the Cengage MindTap program—no additional charge, no additional login

Got Analytics? Crafting Analytics Curriculum to Meet the Growing Demand
Presenters: Jeffrey Camm and James Cochran
Date Recorded: 2/19/2019

Authors of Business Analytics, 3e will discuss the variety of pedagogical strategies for integrating analytics into business school curriculum. The evolving inter-disciplinary nature of the analytics discipline stresses the need to design skills-focused pedagogy. We also discuss the relationship of emerging analytics curriculum with traditional business mathematics and statistics courses and the future of analytics education.

Got Analytics? Crafting Analytics Curriculum to Meet the Growing Demand
Presenters: Jeffrey Camm, Michael Fry and James Cochran
Date Recorded: 12/12/2018

Authors of Business Analytics, 3e will discuss the variety of pedagogical strategies for integrating analytics into business school curriculum. The evolving inter-disciplinary nature of the analytics discipline stresses the need to design skills-focused pedagogy. We also discuss the relationship of emerging analytics curriculum with traditional business mathematics and statistics courses and the future of analytics education.

Bringing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into Your Classroom
Presenter: Annette Nellen, San José State University 
Date Recorded: 6/1/2018

This one-hour webinar reveals how to bring the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—and its relevancy to individuals and business entities—into your classroom. Discover ideas for engaging students in classroom discussion and application of the changes, and how practitioners handle them.

See a Demo of the New MindTap for BUSN
Presenters: Marce Kelly and Chuck Williams, Cengage Authors
Date Recorded: 4/13/2018

Join BUSN authors Marcella Kelly and Chuck Williams and learn how to bring business trends into your course. MindTap for BUSN offers a customizable course solution that builds student confidence.

See a Demo of the New MindTap for MGMT
Presenter: Chuck Williams, Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 4/10/2018

Author Chuck Williams shares new ways to engage students in their Principles of Management class, and you'll see how MindTap can help them think and act like manager.

Turn Students into Marketers with MindTap for Contemporary Marketing
Presenter: Jeff Perlot, Green River College
Date Recorded: 4/10/2018

Discover the new MindTap and its “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach via in-depth coverage of marketing concepts and strategies, plus real-world examples.

MindTap for Business Statistics and Analytics
Presenter: The Cengage Decision Sciences Team
Date Recorded: 4/4/2018

The Exploring Business Statistics and Analytics Activities offers students interactive tools and visualizations of the statistical concepts presented. Discover more features available in MindTap for Business Statistics and Analytics.

CengageNOWv2 for Taxation
Presenter: The Cengage Learning Taxation Team
Date Recorded: 3/22/2018

With CengageNOWv2 for Taxation you’ll not only save time on grading, you’ll give students the digital environment they need to practice and develop real-world skills.

Break Free with MindTap
Presenter: John Carey, Executive Marketing Manager, Cengage
Date Recorded: 3/8/2018

Break out and create the course you’ve always wanted (while helping students stay focused) with the cutting-edge digital resource MindTap: Principles of Economics

Maximize the Power of MindTap Economics
Presenter: Rodger Arnold, Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 2/21/2018

Join the Cengage team and author Rodger Arnold to get an in-depth look at Arnold’s new 13th Edition of Principles of Economics and MindTap!

An Introduction to the PCAOB’s New Auditor Reporting Standard
Presenters: Karla Johnstone and Audrey Gramling, Cengage Authors
Date Recorded: 11/16/2017

Learn the requirements of the new auditor reporting standard for public company audits, including motivation for the new standard, plus critical audit matters in reports.

Revenue from Contracts with Customers
Presenters: Carl Warren and Jeff Jones, Cengage Authors
Date Recorded: 11/16/2017

Get an overview of the Accounting Standards Updated issued by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Discussion includes why the standard was issued and its main provisions.

Understanding and Teaching the new Leasing Standard
Presenters: Don Pagach and Jeff Jones, Cengage Authors
Date Recorded: 11/14/2017

The new leasing standard becomes effective for all companies in 2019. Find out how lessees and lessors are affected, and how those effects can be taught in your classroom.

QuickBooks Online – Accounting Has Arrived in the Cloud
Presenter: Glenn Owen, Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 10/25/2017

Learn about the important differences between QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online versions, along with tricks, tips, and updates for a successful course integration.

Beyond the Grade Book: Preparing Job-Ready Communicators with MindTap
Presenter: Marcy Krugel, Florida Atlantic University 
Date Recorded: 10/24/2017

This webinar, Presenter faculty partner Marcy Krugel, will highlight the benefits of MindTap that will help instructors prepare students for the work place.

Maximize the Power of MindTap in Introduction to Business
Presenter: Shawn Orr, Ashland University
Date Recorded: 10/18/17

Shawn Orr, Director of Faculty Services in the College of Online and Adult Education at Ashland University, shares best practices for using technology to engage students.  

Maximize the Power of MindTap in Marketing
Presenter: Kathleen Borbee, Cengage Faculty Partner ​
Date Recorded: 10/9/2017

Join Faculty Partner and MindTap Marketing user Kathleen Borbee  in a discussion on maximizing the power of MindTap in your classroom. Borbee will showcase the key content features that were specifically designed to help students understand how marketing impacts business. 

Discover More YouSeeU Enhancements for Your Fall Courses
Presenter: Denise Carr, Pellissippi State Community College
Date Recorded: 8/22/2017

Join Cengage Faculty Partner Denise Carr of Pellissippi State Community College as she discusses how she integrates YouSeeU into her course while demonstrating new features for both instructors and students. 

Bringing Tax Reform into Your Classroom
Presenter: Annette Nellen, Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 8/15/17

Join author Annette Nellen as she reviews the plans and possible process for upcoming tax reform. She’ll also share ways to bring the tax reform topic into your own Taxation courses. 

Using MindTap in Principles of Management
Presenter: Denise Carr, Associate Professor at Pellissippi State Community College 
Date Recorded: 4/12/2017 

Listen in as Denise Carr, Cengage Faculty Partner and Associate Professor at Pellissippi State College, shares how her experience with MindTap helped make her Principles of Management course more effective.   

Discover MIS7 with the Author
Presenter: Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 4/7/2017 

Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., discusses the highlights of his new edition of MIS7. Featuring a fresh design, this new edition is building engagement in MIS courses everywhere. 

MindTap Business Communication Webinar
Presenter: Eric Wagner, Marketing Manager, Cengage 
Date Recorded: 3/22/2017 

Discover how MindTap Business Communication: Process and Product reinforces course concepts and supports skills-based practice in your Business Communication course. 

Save Time Grading
Presenter: Hau Nguyen, Professor, Grossmont College
Date Recorded: 3/06/2019

Learning to code can be overwhelming, and grading your students’ coding solutions can be time-consuming. Watch Professor Hau Nguyen reveal how it takes him significantly less time to review 30 student projects by using Visual Studio.

Live Virtual Machine Lab Drop-In Training
Presenter: Mark Verhoeven 
Date Recorded: 1/7/2019

Our MindTap with Live Virtual Machine Labs Webinar Series, held monthly, introduces educators to MindTap and powers them with confidence to guide their students if they are already using MindTap in the classroom. Get some peer-to-peer guidance as a Cengage Faculty Partner shares top tips and tricks for MindTap and Live Virtual Machine Labs.

Integrated Development Environment: A Drop-In Training Series
Presenter: Hau Nguyen, Professor, Grossmont College
Date Recorded: 10/10/2018

Learning to code can be overwhelming and grading your students' coding solutions can be time consuming. See how MindTap with coding labs in an auto-grading Integrated Development Environment gives students access to a real-world environment where they can develop their coding and critical thinking skills, while saving you time grading individual solution files for each of your students. Professor Hau Nguyen from Grossmont College will show how he uses MindTap in his Introduction to Programming courses. We'll also give a sneak peek to some of our solutions coming in 2019 for new course areas! 

Success Measured: Your Students & the Job Market
Presenter: Jill West, Cengage Author, North Georgia Technical College
Date Recorded: 2/23/2018

Learn how MindTap preps students for the skills-based environment today's job market demands, especially within the Computing industry. 

Prep Students for Certs with MindTap for IT, Networking, and Security
Presenters: Cassie Cloutier, Associate Marketing Manager, Cengage
Date Recorded: 2/6/2018

Do your students have the tech skills employers look for? Learn how the Live Virtual Machine Labs in MindTap gives students the skills and prep needed to pass industry exams and get a job.

Cengage CAREs
Presenter: Sandy Keeter, Seminole State College
Date Recorded: 1/11/2018

Launched in 2017, Cengage CAREs continues to gather research regarding students entering the workforce with and without specific technology and computing skills. Join us for our CARE Spring research study to help future graduates and identify technology skill gaps.   

The Technology Behind Modern Data Centers
Presenter: Ted Simpson, Cengage Author
Date Recorded: 11/28/2017

Cengage author Ted Simpson highlights today’s virtualization technology as the backbone of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) and Cloud computing. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the advantages and challenges of implementing a VDI infrastructure and explore popular VDI products from VMware and Microsoft. While VMware is the current leader in virtualization systems, Microsoft’s Hyper-V is rapidly gaining ground, making it vital that IT professionals be familiar with both. 

Take Your Keyboarding Course to the Next Level
Presenter: Nancy Abshier, Cengage Faculty Partner
Date Recorded: 10/10/17

This brief-but-exciting webinar explores the new functionalities within MindTap and SAM and discover how to take your keyboarding course to the next level.  

Path to Employability – Programming Webinar Series
Presenters: Cassie Cloutier, Associate Marketing Manager and Kate Mason, Associate Product Manager, Cengage
Date Recorded: 10/3/2017

Teach your students to learn like a Developer with MindTap Programming and Web Development. The Live IDE in MindTap gives students the coding skills needed to succeed in Technical Computing. 

Path to Employability – IT Webinar Series
Presenters: Cassie Cloutier, Associate Marketing Manager and Amy Savino, Associate Product Manager, Cengage
Date Recorded: 10/3/2017

See how the Live Virtual Machine Labs in MindTap give students the troubleshooting skills needed to succeed in Technical Computing. Plus, get a sneak peek of our new auto-grading feature.

The New Network+ Exam
Presenter: Jill West, Cengage Author, North Georgia Technical College
Date Recorded: 3/27/2018

Author and educator, Jill West discusses the latest version of the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam—from new content areas to ensuring students are ready.

MindTap Pathopharmacology Information Session
Presenters: Bruce Colbert, Cengage Author, University of Pittsburg, Linda Parks, Dakota State University, and The Cengage Team  
Date Recorded: 2/12/2018

Listen in on the Cengage product and marketing teams to learn more about the all-new, all-digital solution—MindTap Pathopharmacology.

Kinesiology for Careers
Presenter: Jake Warde, Sr. Content Developer, Cengage
Date Recorded: 2/6/2018

Join us for a comprehensive Webinar of our brand NEW Kinesiology book and MindTap.

Q&A Session: MindTap for Surgical Technology
Presenters: The Cengage Product & Marketing Team​
Date Recorded: 10/4/2017

Ready to get the most out of your MindTap experience? Watch as members of the Cengage Product, Sales and Marketing team answer questions straight from the audience. 

Best Practices for Using the AST Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist
Presenters: The Cengage Product & Marketing Team
Date Recorded: 9/12/2017

Discover best practices for using MindTap Surgical Technology and explore its key features, including the new Mayo Tray Setup Simulation.

Demo of MindTap for Moini's The Pharmacy Technician
Presenters: The Cengage Product & Marketing Team
Date Recorded: 7/21/17

Ready to improve student engagement? Join the Cengage Product and Marketing team for a quick demo of the all-new MindTap Moini's The Pharmacy Technician, 3rd Edition

Co-req Engagement Practices
Presenter: Erika Warnick, Ph.D., South Plains College
Date Recorded: 4/18/2019
How can you meet co-req requirements while engaging students? Watch and explore course activities that help make it happen.


Writing Enables Great Speaking in a New Kind of Co-req
Presenter: Tina Willhoite, San Jacinto College
Date Recorded: 4/5/2019
Discover what you can do to boost student confidence using a co-req model.

One Expert Shapes Co-req
Presenter: Jenny Billings, Rowan Cabarrus Community College
Date Recorded: 3/27/2019
Watch Dr. Billings discuss her lessons learned from helping shape the future of co-req in her state.

Propelling Student Engagement in the Arts
Presenter: Fred Kleiner
Date Recorded: 3/27/2019

You're passionate about all things Art and eager to instill that enthusiasm in your students but proving the relevance of Art History to 21st-century students and keeping their attention is a challenge! Join Boston University Art History Professor and Gardner's Art Through the Ages author, Fred Kleiner, as he highlights tips both for promoting engagement in the Arts and leveraging the 16th edition to drive visual literacy.

Lifespan Psychology: Viewing the Lifespan as a Whole
Presenter: Jenn O’Neal, Faculty Partner and Flipped Classroom Extraordinaire
Date Recorded: 4/23/2018

Faculty Partner Jenn O'Neal describes how MindTap Lifespan Psychology in her class, including Investigate Development. 


Abnormal Psychology: Incorporating the Dimensional Approach
Presenter: Christopher A. Kearney, Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor and Chair of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Author of Abnormal Psychology: A Dimensional Approach
Date Recorded: 4/17/2018

Hear how Chris Kearney works the dimensional approach into his text and into his classroom. Find out why it's so important to him as well as other ways in which his text really draws on this theme.

Human Sexuality: Staying Current & Addressing Student Needs
Presenter: Janell Carroll, Author of Sexuality Now and Professor of Psychology at University of Hartford
Date Recorded: 4/23/2018

Hear how Janell Carroll works her students' point of views and self-made interviews into her class. Plus, get advice on bringing these tools into your own classroom. 


How to Energize Your Classroom & Engage Students
Presenters: EmmaLeigh Kirchner, Assistant Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Mercyhurst University, and Mary King, Criminal Justice Instructor, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Date Recorded: 3/29/18 

This webinar empowers you to take action in your Criminal Justice course and master new, effective ways to improve student performance through better engagement.

Culture and Culturally Relevant Teaching
Presenter: Valerie Ooka Pang, Author
Date Recorded: 3/21/18 

Join author and professor Valerie Ooka Pang for a discussion designed to get teachers thinking about the complex nature of student cultures and how to integrate these cultures into classrooms.  

Teaching an Integrated Reading and Writing Course is as easy as 1, 2, Fusion! – Part 2
Presenter: Tina Willhoite, San Jacinto College
Date Recorded: 4/6/2018

Teaching a reading and writing course can be difficult—but not with strategies from Professor Tina Willhoite of San Jacinto College. Get them here!

Teaching an Integrated Reading and Writing Course is as easy as 1, 2, Fusion! – Part 1
Presenter: Dr. Jenny Billings, Rowan Cabarrus Community College
Date Recorded: 3/6/18 

Integrated Reading and Writing can be difficult to teach. Learn teaching strategies from Dr. Jenny Billings, Developmental Reading and English Chair at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.


Language Practice, Language Access: A New Model for Students
Presenter: Sean Ketchem, Cengage
Date Recorded: 3/1/18 

Isn't it time to address the key challenges faced by students when accessing and using course materials? In this session, we will! Discover how a whole new approach to student access and affordability can build confidence, boost retention and convert intro and intermediate students to language minors and majors.


The Opportunities of the Digital Classroom
Presenter: Janet Bunch, Northwest Mississippi Community College
Date Recorded: 2/28/18 

Join us to explore how one Intro Spanish program is using new technologies to promote student confidence and proficiency. The presenter, Professor Bunch, will walk through examples of a student-centered online learning approach that fosters language acquisition and real-world collaboration.


Take on the World with Cengage World Languages: High-Leverage Practices in Blended Language Teaching
Presenter: Dr. Fernando Rubio, University of Utah
Date Recorded: 2/27/18 

Find out how technology enables instructors to incorporate common high-leverage teaching practices into their blended language courses through a mix of online and face-to-face components. The session will focus on two core practices: enhancing teaching presence and facilitating rich interactions.


Elementary Science Education in the Age of NGSS
Presenter: Janice Koch, Author
Date Recorded: 2/27/18 

Author of Science Stories: Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers and emeritus professor at Hofstra University, Janice Koch, discusses the impacts of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on K - 8 Science programs. 


Elementary Education Reading Methods
Presenters: Betty Roe, Sandra Smith, and Nancy Kolodziej, Authors
Date Recorded: 11/8/17 

Authors of Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools, Betty Roe, Sandra Smith, and Nancy Kolodziej, discuss the state of K-8 reading programs, teaching Elementary Reading with success, and other new-edition highlights. 


Make a Difference with MindTap for Criminal Justice
Presenters: Eugene Matthews, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Park University & Scott Rudeen, Online Program Chair for Criminal Justice, Broadview University 
Date Recorded: 11/7/17 

This webinar features experienced Criminal Justice instructors discussing best practices for effective instruction and share how MindTap improves student outcomes. 

Trends Shaping the Education Landscape: Building Inclusive Classrooms  
Presenter: Laurie Nielsen, Author
Date Recorded: 11/1/17  

Professor Laurie Nielsen shares strategies for fostering inclusion, including what an inclusive classroom framework looks like and the benefits of inclusive education. 


Students Are More Than Their GPA
Presenter: Sandy Owen, Faculty Partner 
Date Recorded: 10/23/2017 

See how the integration of MindTap Education and the ePortfolio solution, Pathbrite lets pre-service students demonstrate completion of assignments for graduation, accreditation, and state licensure.


Elementary Education Science Methods
Presenter: Janice Koch, Author
Date Recorded: 10/18/2017

Janice Koch, author and emeritus professor at Hofstra University, discusses K-8 Science programs, how to teach Elementary Science with success, and more.


Trends Shaping the Education Landscape: Preschool Suspension & Expulsion
Presenters: Lynn Marotz and Sara Kupzyk, Cengage Authors
Date Recorded: 10/11/2017

Please join Professor Lynn Marotz and Dr. Sara Kupzyk for a discussion around what is driving suspension and expulsion in early childhood settings and more effective ways to address this problem. 


Elementary Education Literacy Methods
Presenter: Dr. David Cooper, Author
Date Recorded: 9/27/2017 

Dr. David Cooper, author and emeritus professor at Ball State University, talks about the state of K-8 literacy programs, how to successfully teach Elementary Literacy, and more. 


Trends Shaping the Education Landscape: Social Justice & Historical Perspectives
Presented by: Dr. Valerie Ooka Pang, Professor Graduate Adviser, Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary and Secondary) School of Teacher Education San Diego State University 
Date Recorded: 9/20/17 

Learn why students should have a comprehensive understanding of the various racial and cultural groups that influenced equal rights in the U.S.  


Counselor Education in the Digital Age
Presenter: Diane Gehart, Author
Date Recorded: 4/7/2017 

Dr. Diane Gehart shares a variety of new online platforms that increase interactive learning. These techniques are applicable for Counseling Theory courses, Introductory Skill classes, Practicum courses, and any course involving in-session skills.


Family Therapy Education in the Digital Age
Presenter: Diane Gehart, Author  
Date Recorded: 3/31/2017 

Dr. Diane Gehart shares a variety of new online platforms that increase interactive learning. These techniques are applicable for Family Therapy Theory courses, Introductory Skill classes, Practicum courses, and any course involving in-session skills.


Engaging and Assessing Adolescents: An Interview with Megan and Maddie
Presenter: Ronald Rooney, Author
Date Recorded: 3/24/2017 

In this session, presenters discuss best practices for using the video, “An Interview with Megan and Maddie,” in teaching engagement and assessment with adolescents. 

Integrative Counseling
Presenter: Dr. Gerald Corey, Author
Date Recorded: 3/8/2017 

Dr. Gerald Corey shares the theories he draws on in his integrative approach to Counseling and how to teach students to think from integrative perspectives.

Educause Industry and Campus Webinar

In-Depth Design: Data-Driven Design Strategies to Support Learner Outcomes
Presenters: Kenneth Koedinger,Carnegie Mellon University & Padraig Nash, Cengage
Date Recorded: 10/16/2018

Designing for digital learning experiences requires thoughtful, deliberate choices that will effectively lead the learner to new understandings, problem solving and, ultimately, completion. A quality design process should include key beneficiaries of the designs—instructors, students, and subject matter experts—as well as educational data mining (EDM) and learning analytics that allow instructors and other educational providers to test and expand pedagogical content knowledge. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss how solutions that use EDM and learning analytics (LA) can expand practitioners' pedagogical content knowledge and their ability to provide effective feedback to learners. You will leave with a deep knowledge of how EDM and LA are providing insights into how students learn (e.g., slowly and incrementally) and how resources using EDM and LA can foster improvements in student learning outcomes and dramatically increase effective learning.

A Fresh Look at WebAssign
Presenters: Tracey Tessier, Mark Santee, Baxter Crabree, Thais Alencar, and Michael Lafreniere
Date Recorded: 3/14/2019

Did you miss us March 14? No problem! View the webinar on-demand for a fresh look at the latest improvements in WebAssign. In it, the Cengage team highlights the upgrades we’ve made to the student user experience—which were based on feedback we received from loyal instructors. Additionally, you’ll get a sneak peek at the latest student user experience in action. Take a look!


WebAssign Question Coding Workshop
Presenters: Austin Luton, Content Consultant & Jeff Hardee, Content Consultant
Date Recorded: 11/13/2018

You want your course your way, right? With WebAssign you get it. It’s easy to create your own questions and edit existing questions using the powerful question editor in WebAssign.

With the WebAssign Question editor, you can:

  • Create numerical, multiple-choice, symbolic and randomized questions
  • Add your own existing content such as instructional videos, documents and more to include in your students’ assignment workflow
  • Incorporate our robust answer entry palettes (mathPad, chemPad, calcPad, physPad, pencilPad, Graphing Tool) into your own questions
  • Integrate powerful applications such as Mathematica, Matlab, or MarvinSketch 

Whether new to the question editor or looking to advance your skills, take the next step in customizing your course and join our content experts in the WebAssign Question Coding Workshop. We will help you master this powerful platform feature and get the course you’ve always wanted to meet your teaching style. 

Prevent Cheating
Presenter: Michael Jacobs, Learning Designer, Cengage
Date Recorded: 10/9/2018

Students build mastery of Physics by working through problems, not by Googling the answers. The enhanced, beyond-the-book questions and online-only homework in WebAssign equip students with a solid understanding of Physics fundamentals. Discover strategies for preventing cheating in Physics during this interactive webinar.

Engaging Students in General Chemistry
Presenters: John C. Kotz, State University of New York, Oneonta (Emeritus), and David Treichel, Nebraska Wesleyan University  
Date Recorded: 3/8/2018

In this webinar, co-authors John Kotz and David Treichel discuss their unique approach to promoting deeper student understanding of General Chemistry concepts, as detailed in their book, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, 10th Edition.

Redesigning Liberal Arts Math: Solutions for Corequisites and Quantitative Reasoning
Presenter: Rita Lombard, Product Team Manager, Cengage  
Date Recorded: 2/27/2018

Course Redesign is sweeping the nation, including in Liberal Arts Math. This session includes information about Quantitative Reasoning and corequisites, new solutions to support these course models, and more. 

MindTap Pathopharmacology Information Session
Presenters: Bruce Colbert, Cengage Author, University of Pittsburg, Linda Parks, Dakota State University, and The Cengage Team  
Date Recorded: 2/12/2018

Listen in on the Cengage product and marketing teams to learn more about the all-new, all-digital solution—MindTap Pathopharmacology.

Kinesiology for Careers
Presenter: Jake Warde, Sr. Content Developer, Cengage  
Date Recorded: 2/6/2018 

View this comprehensive webinar for a deep dive into our new Kinesiology textbook and MindTap

Reimagining Statistics with Learning Objectives
Presenter: Wendiann Sethi, Ph.D., Director of Developmental Mathematics at Seton Hall University  
Date Recorded: 11/17/2017 

Dr. Wendiann Sethi explores an innovative way to teach Statistics, including the flexibility of a fully digital, learning objective-based course that covers 200+ learning objectives.

Redesign in Real-Time: Solutions for the Changing Liberal Arts Math Landscape
Presenters: Rita Lombard, Product Manager and Powell Vacha, Learning Designer, Cengage
Date Recorded: 11/14/2017 

The Mathematics Product and Content Teams show how Cengage is partnering with educators to develop solutions for the growing trends of Quantitative Reasoning and Corequisites. 

Multisensory Learning
Presenter: Michael Jacobs, Cengage 
Date Recorded: 11/14/2017 

Dive into multisensory learning with interactive video vignettes, a new question type that promotes them to conceptualization over memorization.

Statistics in the Digital Age
Presenter: Catherine Van Der Laan, Product Manager for Statistics, Cengage 
Date Recorded: 11/1/2017 

Statistics instructors often spend free time creating their own Labs, when courses tailored for Statistics could do the work for them. Join us to explore a host of innovative time-saving features. 

Quantitative Reasoning and Productive Struggle in the Classroom
Presenter: Richard N. Aufmann, Palomar College 
Date Recorded: 10/25/2017 

The Productive Struggle Method encourages students to approach difficult problems in ways that make sense to them. Author and instructor Dick Aufmann discusses his experiences with Productive Struggle in his Quantitative Reasoning courses. 

Developmental Math Virtual Office Hours: Building Student Success – MindTap Math Foundations
Presenters: Brien Dunn, Louisiana Delta Community College; Paul Nolting, Learning Specialist and Adjunct Professor at Hillsborough Community College in Florida 
Date Recorded: 10/25/2017 

We know teaching Mathematics can be difficult and time consuming. Now learn from current users how MindTap Math Foundations can build student confidence and accelerate progress in Mathematics. 

Transitioning from Algebraic Thinking to Statistical Thinking – A PreStatistics Primer
Presented by: Don Davis, Coordinator of Statistics at Lakeland Community College 
Date Recorded: 10/13/2017 

Discover techniques students can use to develop number sense, learn statistics-related techniques and gain confidence in preparation for Introductory Statistics.

MindTap for Nutrition: Powered by You
Presenter: Terry Weideman, Oakland Community College 
Date Recorded: 10/12/2017 

Learn how MindTap not only guides students, but also includes study resources, conceptual "Closer Look" assignments, and Diet & Wellness Plus activities.

MindTap for Biology: Powered by You
Presenter: Reggie Cobb, Nash Community College
Date Recorded: 10/4/2017

Learn how MindTap gives instructors complete control of their course – to design engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence.

MindTap General Chemistry Virtual Office Hours
Presenters: Bill Vining, Professor, SUNY Oneonta and Susan Young, Professor, Hartwick College 
Date Recorded: 9/20/2017 

Professor Bill Vining, co-author of MindTap General Chemistry, demonstrates the content and functionality of MindTap in this recorded webinar.

Virtual Office Hours: WebAssign for Developmental Math
Presenter: Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Technology and Mathematics from Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus
Date Recorded: 9/13/2017  

Learn from current users how WebAssign can build student confidence and accelerate progress in Mathematics, from basic operations to quadratic equations. 

Building Student Success with MindTap Math Foundations
Presenters: The Cengage Math Team
Date Recorded: 6/14/2017

View our helpful virtual Office Hours and discover today’s most engaging solution for Developmental Math. 

How to Rock Your O-Chem Class: Novel Approaches to Teaching Organic Chemistry
Presenters: Brent L. Iverson, University of Texas, Austin and Eric Anslyn, University of Texas, Austin
Date Recorded: 4/6/2017

Co-authors Brent Iverson and Eric Anslyn discuss details from their book, Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition. Learn about their revolutionary presentation to help students develop an understanding of how molecules react, and more. 

Using WebAssign for Calculus
Presenter: Ryan Ahern, Sr. Marketing Manager, Cengage
Date Recorded: 3/31/2017

Explore our webinar recording to discover how WebAssign Calculus can refresh Algebra and Trigonometry skills and improve conceptual understanding through visualization.

Using WebAssign and Videos to Create a "Co-laboratory"
Presenter: Michael Lafreniere, Ohio University - Chillicothe
Date Recorded: 3/31/2017

Tune in to hear Ohio University’s Michael Lafreniere as he discusses this proven-effective, fully digital teaching model for Mathematics.

Flip Your General Chemistry Classroom the Easy Way
Presenters: John Moore, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Martina Rau, UW-Madison; Kristopher Kennedy and Luke Oxtoby
Date Recorded: 11/1/2016

Learn the benefits of flipping a classroom, and how published questions, tutorials, simulations and more from the Cengage OWL program can help make it a success for you and your students.

Closing the Skills Gap in California
Presenter: George Miller and Max Chao
Date Recorded: 4/18/2019

This webinar discusses the education issue currently impacting Californians - a long-term shortage of college-educated workers. By 2030, California will be short 1.1 million workers with bachelor’s degrees. The root cause of this shortage? A gap in the skills and training of potential employees, which could ultimately lead to a decline in commerce, industry and more. This webinar covers California’s skills gap—and how higher education instructors and institutions can work to close it.


Student Readiness at 2 and 4-Year Schools
Presenter: Christine Harrington, Stephanie Thomas
Date Recorded: 4/17/2019

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how schools in New York are addressing issues in higher education, specifically student readiness and retention. There are a few specific areas in which both two and four-year schools are struggling. According to a study by U.S. News and World Report, these areas include low completion rates, lack of preparation upon entering college, a wide skills gap and more. Join us to learn more on this topic and how New York schools are bettering student outcomes.

What Do Old Polar Bears and Great Teachers Have in Common? They Know How to Break the Ice! 
Presenter: Shawn Orr, Director of the Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence, Professional Instructor Communication Studies, Ashland College
Date Recorded: 8/9/2018

Polar bears break the ice to survive. Teachers break the ice to thrive. Join this interactive, high-energy webinar and explore ways to use icebreakers and topic starters to socialize, stimulate, motivate, and prime your students for success. Participants will leave with practical strategies they can immediately implement to move students from passive observers to active participants in their education.


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