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The Next Generation: Office 2019/365
Presenter: Author Corinne Hoisington 

Office 2019/365 is the newest and most innovative product from Microsoft, offering new ways to enhance Microsoft Office skills—or, as experts call them, the language of the working world. Join Cengage Author, Instructor and Microsoft Consultant, Professor Corinne Hoisington, as she discusses how these new features will impact you, your course and your students’ success. Join us!

Live Virtual Machine Lab Drop-In Training Series
Presenter: Dr. Ross Foultz, Coastal Carolina University Coastal Carolina University 

Register for our new Live Virtual Machine Lab Drop-In Training series. Trainings will be held once a month and will be led by members of the Cengage Product Team and Content Development team. The goal of these trainings is make sure that you are set up to have a successful course and to provide your students with the best learning experience possible. Stay for the full hour, or just drop in to ask a question! Each month we will spotlight a different feature and functionality within the Live Virtual Machine Lab interface.

Integrated Development Environment: A Drop-In Training Series
Presenter: Troy Dundas, Codevolve

It’s time to tap into MindTap. Starting August 31, the coding labs feature in our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will receive some robust enhancements from our Computer 
Science and Programming Development Team. Join a member of our development team in our monthly drop-in training to learn about the changes, plus ways to set you and your students up 
for a successful semester. Stay for the full hour, or drop in to ask a question—it’s your call!

Designing Websites with CSS Variables
Presenter: Patrick Carey, Carey Associates

It can be a daunting task to manage hundreds of style rules within the style sheets of large websites. Designers often employ CSS preprocessors such as SASS to generate and maintain their CSS code, or use CSS variables—also known as CSS custom properties. But what if you’re new to this emerging standard?
This webinar is your chance to learn about CSS variables. Discover:
• Browser Support for CSS Variables
• Creating and Applying CSS Variables
• Performing Calculations with CSS Variables
• CSS Variables in the Document Object Model
• CSS Variables in Responsive Design
• Pairing CSS Variables with JavaScript

Bonus: You’ll also find demos featuring the scope and power of this new way to manage your style sheets.

No events currently scheduled.

Educause Industry and Campus Webinar

In-Depth Design: Data-Driven Design Strategies to Support Learner Outcomes
Presenters: Kenneth Koedinger,Carnegie Mellon University & Padraig Nash, Cengage

Designing for digital learning experiences requires thoughtful, deliberate choices that will effectively lead the learner to new understandings, problem solving and, ultimately, completion. A quality design process should include key beneficiaries of the designs—instructors, students, and subject matter experts—as well as educational data mining (EDM) and learning analytics that allow instructors and other educational providers to test and expand pedagogical content knowledge. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss how solutions that use EDM and learning analytics (LA) can expand practitioners' pedagogical content knowledge and their ability to provide effective feedback to learners. You will leave with a deep knowledge of how EDM and LA are providing insights into how students learn (e.g., slowly and incrementally) and how resources using EDM and LA can foster improvements in student learning outcomes and dramatically increase effective learning.


WebAssign Question Coding Workshop
Presenters: Austin Luton, Content Consultant & Jeff Hardee, Content Consultant

You want your course your way, right? With WebAssign you get it. It’s easy to create your own questions and edit existing questions using the powerful question editor in WebAssign.

With the WebAssign Question editor, you can:

  • Create numerical, multiple-choice, symbolic and randomized questions
  • Add your own existing content such as instructional videos, documents and more to include in your students’ assignment workflow
  • Incorporate our robust answer entry palettes (mathPad, chemPad, calcPad, physPad, pencilPad, Graphing Tool) into your own questions
  • Integrate powerful applications such as Mathematica, Matlab, or MarvinSketch 

Whether new to the question editor or looking to advance your skills, take the next step in customizing your course and join our content experts in the WebAssign Question Coding Workshop. 

We will help you master this powerful platform feature and get the course you’ve always wanted to meet your teaching style. 


Learn How to Prevent Cheating with WebAssign
Presenter: Michael Jacobs, Ph.D., Physics Learning Designer

Students build mastery of Physics by working through problems, not by Googling the answers. The enhanced, beyond-the-book questions and online-only homework in WebAssign equip students with a solid understanding of Physics fundamentals. Discover strategies for preventing cheating in Physics during this interactive webinar.

No events currently scheduled.

The Empowered Educator Virtual Event
To grow as an educator, you need the space to hear new ideas and your peers’ experiences. Enter the Empowered Educator Virtual Event coming this fall. This half-day of professional development will gain you access to helpful tips from other educators, all focused on raising student engagement and success.

This online event—taking place October 17—will feature 20- to 35-minute sessions on topics like culturally responsive teaching, icebreaker strategies and digital course design. Plus, you’ll hear students discuss their learning habits as digital natives!

Now, you can engage in peer-led professional development without leaving your desk. Just select the sessions that best fit your course needs and professional interests and reserve your spot!

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