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Got Analytics? Crafting Analytics Curriculum to Meet the Growing Demand
Presenters: Jeffrey Camm, James Cochran, Michael Fry and Jeff Ohlmann

Authors of Business Analytics, 3e will discuss the variety of pedagogical strategies for integrating analytics into business school curriculum. The evolving inter-disciplinary nature of the analytics discipline stresses the need to design skills-focused pedagogy. We also discuss the relationship of emerging analytics curriculum with traditional business mathematics and statistics courses and the future of analytics education.

Live Virtual Machine Lab Drop-In Training Series
Presenters: Led by Cengage Faculty Partners

Our MindTap with Live Virtual Machine Labs Webinar Series, held monthly, introduces educators to MindTap and powers them with confidence to guide their students if they are already using MindTap in the classroom. Get some peer-to-peer guidance as a Cengage Faculty Partner shares top tips and tricks for MindTap and Live Virtual Machine Labs.  

Securing Your Program on Cybersecurity
Presenters: Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord 

Cybersecurity makes headlines, and it’s driving demand for thousands of skilled professionals in the public and private sectors. As a result, many institutions want to develop cybersecurity programs to boost career-readiness for this vital field—but how?

This webinar provides practical guidance for institutions, course designers and instructors enhancing their cybersecurity programs. We’ll cover:
•    Framework for the NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)  
•    Domains and specialty work areas in the field
•    Findings in the white paper, NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework: Mapping Curriculum and Coursework 
•    Recommendations for effectively using the Cengage Learning/NICE Mapping document 

You’ll get perspectives from our hosts, CISM/CISSP-certified University professors with decades of classroom experience. The map helps instructors locate associations between their curriculum objectives and the Framework, then identify the texts to support course objectives for degree programs. 

Propelling Student Engagement in the Arts
Presenter: Fred Kleiner

You're passionate about all things Art and eager to instill that enthusiasm in your students but proving the relevance of Art History to 21st-century students and keeping their attention is a challenge! Join Boston University Art History Professor and Gardner's Art Through the Ages author, Fred Kleiner, as he highlights tips both for promoting engagement in the Arts and leveraging the 16th edition to drive visual literacy.

English Course Redesign, Accelerated
3/27 - 4/18/19
Presenters: Various

Course redesign is a hot topic in Developmental English and English Composition. As more states and institutions move towards co-requisite and redesigned courses, we want to provide you with more ideas to accelerate student success in your courses. Join us for these webinars hosted by experienced instructors who have had success in their co-req courses—and learn more about MindTap Accelerate.

No events currently scheduled.

WebAssign Question Coding Workshop
Presenters: Austin Luton, Content Consultant & Jeff Hardee, Content Consultant

You want your course your way, right? With WebAssign you get it. It’s easy to create your own questions and edit existing questions using the powerful question editor in WebAssign.

With the WebAssign Question editor, you can:

  • Create numerical, multiple-choice, symbolic and randomized questions
  • Add your own existing content such as instructional videos, documents and more to include in your students’ assignment workflow
  • Incorporate our robust answer entry palettes (mathPad, chemPad, calcPad, physPad, pencilPad, Graphing Tool) into your own questions
  • Integrate powerful applications such as Mathematica, Matlab, or MarvinSketch

Whether new to the question editor or looking to advance your skills, take the next step in customizing your course and join our content experts in the WebAssign Question Coding Workshop. 

We will help you master this powerful platform feature and get the course you’ve always wanted to meet your teaching style. 

A Fresh Look at WebAssign 

  • Jason Scalvini, Executive Director, Software Engineering
  • Mark Santee, Product Director
  • Baxter Crabtree, Technical Product Manager
  • Mike Lafreniere, Ohio University-Chillicothe

Join the Cengage Product Management team on March 14 to learn about the newest improvements we’ve made to the WebAssign student user experience based on the feedback we’ve received from loyal instructors. In this webinar, we’ll explore the changes coming Fall 2019, providing attendees with a sneak peek at the latest user experience.  Register today! 

No events currently scheduled.

The Empowered Educator Virtual Event

Presenters: Various
The Empowered Educator Virtual Event offers professional development from the comfort of your home, office or home office. Hear peers discuss the ideas and strategies that shape their teaching styles, plus learn about the tips and tools they have collected along the way.  
This next installment highlights a variety of meaningful topics in Higher Education, including: 
•    Active Learning
•    Engagement Strategies
•    Flipping the Classroom
•    Performance Assessment
•    Presentation Skills
Come to one, come to all—you decide what’s best based on your own interests, goals and schedules.  

We look forward to “seeing” you on February 13!

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