The Empowered Educator Series

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Interested in taking student performance to the next level? Here’s a teaser of how instructors across the country are engaging in professional development and powering up with tips and tricks to drive student engagement, confidence and, ultimately, success. Take a peek and access full-length recorded sessions below.

Professional Development On Demand

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Spring 2018 Empowered Educator Power Week

 I <3 Course Design: Designing a Course Students Will Adore 

Presented by: Jenny Billings, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College 

Get to know instructional design a little better and get students to fall in love with your class. Whether you teach online or in-person, hear tested ideas for designing a digital course that fits your class format and fosters interactivity and engagement. Then, get a behind-the-scenes look as Professor Jenny Billings takes you through the setup of one of her courses at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. 

Addressing Affordability with an Unlimited Love of Learning 

Hear Professor Donna Donald discuss how the costs of tuition, textbooks and learning tools have affected her students, as well as the ways she’s found to address high cost. Then, learn how Cengage is  addressing affordability with Cengage Unlimited, a first-of-its-kind subscription model that gives students access to everything we've got for one price.

Mixed Reality: The Next Evolution in Human Computing

Technology advances daily with new tools that improve our lives in countless ways.  Following her popular presentation earlier this year, Corinne Hoisington returns to share how advancements in virtual reality technology can help to better engage today’s students.  Hear about the latest releases from the likes of uber-tech companies like Microsoft, discover how you can integrate mixed reality into your online or in-person courses, and learn how these advancements can attract students to your institution before they even step foot on campus.

Empowered Educator Power Week

Learn how students define success, how scholarship can be impacted by thoughtful course design and how mobile learning can expand the classroom. This event will empower and excite you with the spark you need to amplify student engagement. 

Transforming Class Time with Digital

Support Experiential Learning and Student Employability

Department Chair Cornel Plebani from Eastern Maine Community College rebuilt his program with experiential learning. See how this focus gives students experience, tools and contacts to find gainful employment and success.

MindTap Features

Improved Experience in MindTap: Unveiling Your New MindTap Dashboard

Professor Jenny Billings from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College walks through a new, 2-view MindTap dashboard that streamlines course content and offers improved editing tools.

MindTap Sneak Peek

Get an exclusive preview of upcoming enhancements and additions to the MindTap platform, including exciting course and section management features, an updated 2-view dashboard, gradebook improvements, and more.

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