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Education Trends

Tech Employment in the Next 10 Years

New ideas and constant upgrades assure domestic job security—despite fears of outsourcing. Here’s how to guide students into meaningful, high-paying careers.

Collaboration in Education

Michael Brunetti, Director of Cloud Productivity for Microsoft, discusses how student expectations are shaping technology. Discover ways Microsoft is meeting these expectations.

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Tech for Workforce and Education Development

John Dyer, Workforce and Economic Development expert, drives workforce and economic opportunity. Explore workforce development partnerships at community colleges, tech trends and more.

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Cengage Services & Product Road Map

Dave Geppert and Balraj Kalsi reveal what’s next for Cengage products and services.

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Lifting Student Limits

Education is key for 21st-Century disruption. Here, Chief Product Officer Fernando Bleichmar reveals how Cengage Unlimited makes college more affordable and accessible than ever.

Intro Computing and Computer Concepts


Office 2019/365

The newest and most innovative product from Microsoft is here, and Professor Corinne Hoisington wants to tell you all about its impact. Tune in.


The Path to Employability: Cengage C.A.R.E.s Research

Are your student prepared for Computing careers? Corinne Hoisington explores employability models, career options and the recent findings from our Cengage C.A.R.E.s study.

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Top 10 Changes for 2018

New Windows 10 and Office 365 updates are happening monthly. From the Creators Update to Cortana, hear what Corinne Hoisington has to say about them.

Integrating SAM 2016 with D2L Brightspace

Michael Manderfeld discusses his course, Introduction to Computers and Applications. Discover the elements of Backward Design, curricular priorities and integration of content into D2L Brightspace.

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Standing Strong for Change

Discover ways to give students a strong start.Prepare for your semester with SAM or MindTap, plus find navigation strategies and do’s and don’ts.

Teaching Technology with Technology

Discover the process of teaching MS Office 2016 online to encourage student engagement and collaboration. You’ll explore course structure, SAM integration with Blackboard and more.

IT, Security, Programming, Web Design


CSS Variables

When it comes to managing style rules, there’s a new standard in town. See what this Cengage author has to say about CSS variables.

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Teaching Practical Cyber Security

Many students aren’t diligent about securing their computers. Explore ways to teach applied practical computer security awareness in computer courses.

Best Practices: Teaching Coding

Discover results from the University of Florida when they pitted MindTap against other leading learning solutions, as well as best practices for the flipped classroom.

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Teaching the New Security+ Exam

Explore changes in overall exam content, links to Bloom’s Taxonomy Ladder, teaching strategies and more with Cengage Author Mark Ciampa.

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The New Network+ Exam

Author and educator, Jill West discusses the latest version of the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam—from new content areas to ensuring students are ready.

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Tips & Tricks


Engaging with Fitbits

Professor Sandy Keeter needed ways to increase enrollment in Intro to Computers. See how she leveraged an affordable technology that aligns with course concepts.

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Setting Up Students for Success

CIS, Business and Microsoft Technology Professor Rachelle Hall is a pro at propelling students forward. Watch her discuss the benefits of the course-fee model.

Recognizing and Rejecting Fake News

Many students mistake “Fake News” for the truth—and use it for schoolwork and important decisions. Explore teaching strategies for identifying unreliable news.

Recognizing and Rejecting Fake News

Many students mistake “Fake News” for the truth—and use it for schoolwork and important decisions. Explore teaching strategies for identifying unreliable news.

Promoting Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are increasingly important 21st Century skills. Here are strategies to teach them in your course with hands-on, free activities!

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