Course Materials

Like a tool belt for teaching, Residential Construction Academy offers tips, strategies and resources dedicated to helping you propel tomorrow's builders forward. Discover a wealth of presentations, images and more that build the foundation for informed, empowered Residential Construction students.

Residential Construction Academy Instructor Materials

Instructor companion website on laptop

Instructor Companion Website

The “Instructor Companion” website offers a FREE and secure option for accessing the resources found on the “Instructor Resources” CD-ROM, including the Instructor's Resource Guide, PowerPoint presentations, computerized test banks and an image gallery. For these instructor-specific resources, visit CengageBrain and follow the prompts for obtaining access to this secure website.



This online tool combines the Residential Construction Academy ebooks with additional features to enhance learning. It includes PowerPoint presentations, additional quizzing, glossary, interactive games and activities, and other helpful resources related to the lessons in the book. Also featured is an Engagement Tracker that enables instructors to monitor time on task for each student.

Additional Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources CD 

Instructor Resources is a complete guide to classroom management. The Instructor Resources CD-ROM contains the Instructor's Resource Guide, PowerPoint presentations, ExamView computerized test bank and an image gallery. Designed as a complete and integrated package, Instructor Resources also provides suggestions for when and how to use the package components.


The Residential Construction Academy DVD series contains eight 20-minute videos that provide step-by-step instructions in your student’s specialized field. The videos are easy to follow, contain graphics and animations from all regions of the country and offer practical advice from experts in specific trade fields.

Instructor Guides

A printed Instructor’s Resource Guide is available for each Residential Construction Academy topic. It includes answers to review questions in the book, lecture outlines and lab exercises—when applicable.

Delmar Online Training Simulations

These engaging digital simulations provide essential practices within a captivating lifelike—yet safe—environment. With immersive simulations, diagrams and a 5-star grading system, students are able to learn and engage like never before. Check them out.

Residential Construction Academy Student Materials

Student companion site on iPad

Student Companion Website

The Student Companion websites for the Residential Construction Academy series provide helpful industry links correlated to specific sections of each book, resources for job search, videos, review materials and an online glossary of terms students need to know for success in the Residential Construction field.


The workbooks are an extension of the core text and provide additional review questions and problems designed to challenge and reinforce the student’s comprehension of the content present in the text.