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Imagine Residential Construction students entering the workforce knowledgeable and ready. Our Residential Construction Academy series empowers learners to meet Construction industry needs today—and in the future. How? We partner with a 50-year-strong, nationally recognized career training leader in the building and construction industry—the Home Builders Institute (HBI)—so students thrive in challenging environments.


5th Edition

My House Wiring

My House Wiring
5th Edition

Electrical Principles

Electrical Principles
2nd Edition


2nd Edition

Our Credentials Could Be Yours Too

Developed by industry experts, for tomorrow's industry professionals. The National Skills Standards Board created guidelines serving as the basis for the Residential Construction Academy series.

Residential Construction Certification Training

With Student Certification, students will be more marketable in the industry as they demonstrate their skill in construction procedures and competencies, allowing future employers to see these students as highly qualified candidates. Student Certification is administered through the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) in specific trade areas. For pricing and more information, e-mail

  • Tests for student certification may be ordered through NOCTI at Certification assessments are based on national skill standards set by NAHB industry professionals and educators. National cut scores have been established to identify the three proficiency levels.
  • Instructors are given the option of determining the testing level for their students. Certification testing is offered at three proficiency levels: entry, semi-skilled and skilled.
  • Most institutions prefer to utilize online testing for students. There are, however, some circumstances that dictate use of paper/pencil testing. Both types of tests are scored by a secured entity. 

Cost for online testing:

  • Online Written Only: $22.00
  • Online Written and Performance Package:28.00 

Cost for paper/pencil testing:

  • Paper/Pencil Written Only: $32.00
  • Paper/Pencil Written and Performance Package (includes shipping): $38.00 

Not available for this program


  • Multiple-Choice:
    • $22.00 for Online Administration
    • $32.00 for Paper/Pencil Administration
  • Performance:
    • $23.00 for Online Administration
    • $32.00 for Paper/Pencil Administration
  • Multiple-Choice and Performance Set:
    • $28.00 for Online Administration
    • $38.00 for Paper/Pencil Administration

Additional Resources:

  • Study Guides:
    • $40.00 per package for Online Administration
    • $14.00 per set for Paper/Pencil Administration

HBI/NAHB instructor industry certification ensures consistency in instructor teaching/training methodologies and knowledge competency when teaching to the HBI/NAHB National Skill Standards contained throughout the Residential Construction Academy (RCA) curriculum. If an instructor is teaching from the RCA series but chooses not to take the instructor certification course work, his/her students are still eligible for HBI/NAHB student certification. Instructor certification is valid for five years. Certification courses are offered online in partnership with Ohio State University (OSU), and applications are reviewed by HBI/NAHB. The instructor is awarded 2 CEUs for successful completion. An online application for instructor certification is now available by contacting

The application steps are easy:

  • Submit your Application for Enrollment form.
  • You will be notified by HBI/NAHB that your form is complete and approved.
  • Submit your $500 payment for the course.
  • HBI/NAHB will forward your information to OSU.
  • You will receive e-mail access to OSU's online classroom system. 

Certification details:

  • Certification will be taught in 16 distinct online modules, constituting the course.
  • Seven of the 10 questions must be correct to successfully complete a module.
  • Thirteen of the 16 modules must be successfully completed for certification.
  • You have six consecutive weeks to complete all 16 modules.
  • You are given one opportunity to retest on any module for which you did not receive a passing score.

Give your program the prestige and national recognition that comes with Program Credentialing. HBI/NAHB has instituted an enhanced credentialing process. HBI/NAHB will now consider your program for credentialing provided the instructor and students are participating in the HBI/NAHB certification process and the Residential Construction Academy series materials are being used in the program. An online application for program credentialing is available by contacting

A credentialed program must meet the following six criteria:

  • Training program utilizes NAHB’s Residential Construction Skill Standards.
  • Instructors must be certified by HBI/NAHB through Ohio State University's online professional development program.
  • Students complete the industry-approved HBI/NAHB online tests administered by NOCTI.
  • HBI/NAHB receives and industry experts review one or more of the following for program validation: lesson plans, course description, syllabi or other official type of course outline for non-HBI Job Corps programs, copies of student test scores.
  • HBI/NAHB receives and approves the completed Application for Credentialing.
  • Training program purchases and teaches with RCA series materials.

Joining forces, The Home Builders Institute (HBI), a national nonprofit and affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Cengage, and The Ohio State University have created customized professional development for trades instructors.

This groundbreaking curriculum, built around the Residential Construction Academy (RCA) series and based on National Skill Standards, was designed to meet the needs of any institution that requires training and development for its trades instructors. With customized professional development, you choose what is necessary for your faculty. Courses are taught online by Ohio State University Career and Technical Education faculty.

The Resources You Need, Under One Roof

The Residential Construction Academy offers a plethora of resources for students and instructors. From instruction videos to job searches, there’s something for everyone on both ends of the classroom.

Simulate On-the-Job Scenarios

Electricity. Codes. Wiring. Whatever your students need to know, we’ve got a simulation for it.

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