Empower Your Students to Empathize

Build the sociological imaginations of your students by showing them how social structures impact others’ realities. Try the Sociological Simulations yourself first!

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How Would You Fare?

Make difficult decisions as a civilian living in a small town in Syria.

Sociologically Strong?

Learn what it means to examine people’s experiences in their socio-political climate.

Second-Shift Ready?

Try living as a mom working a full-time job.

Your Career, or Your Child?

Decide whether you or your husband should take unpaid leave to care for your newborn.

Create Social Citizens

In our socio-political environment, Sociology is needed more than ever. See how MindTap engages and develops students into personally, locally and globally aware citizens.

More Sociology

Find authors and texts that include these simulations as well as a wealth of other learning tools and resources.